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Best ways for when you feel anxiety

If you’re feeling anxious, it can seem like there’s no way out. But don’t fret! There are many things you can do to help yourself feel better. Here are five of my favorite anxiety-management techniques:

Get out of the house and go for walk.

I know, it sounds obvious. But I’ve seen people with anxiety who do the exact opposite of this. They stay inside their house and don’t get out for weeks on end. They go to bed at 10pm every night and sleep until noon. And then they sit around watching TV or playing video games all day long because they’re too tired from staying up so late to do anything else (which just compounds their insomnia problem).

These things are not good for your mental health, so if you’re feeling anxious, do not do any of those things! Instead: go for a walk outside! The fresh air will make you feel better already—and who knows? Maybe some time spent outside will inspire a new hobby or activity that helps keep your mind off your problems and gives you something new to think about as well!

Talk to a trusted people.

When you feel anxious, it’s important to talk to someone. Talking to a friend or family member can help you manage your anxiety because they will listen and be supportive. If talking isn’t an option, consider writing down what you are feeling so that you can express yourself in another way.

Talking with a trusted friend or family member can help relieve the stress caused by anxiety and may even inspire solutions for how to handle it on your own in the future. It is important that the relationship between yourself and whoever is listening is an honest one where both parties are comfortable sharing their feelings with each other.

Get some hot drinks.

If you’re feeling anxious, it may be a good idea to grab a hot drink. This can help soothe your soul and give you some time to relax.

Hot drinks are also great for warming up if it’s cold outside, or if you just want something warm in your hands and mouth. Hot drinks can take the edge off when we’re feeling too wound up and tense.

Have a massage.

If you’re feeling anxious, a massage can be just the thing to help. Massages have been shown to reduce anxiety and help people relax. This is because a massage is not only an enjoyable experience, but it’s also relaxing on a physiological level by reducing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing dopamine. Research has found that massages can also improve sleep quality, which is crucial for living with anxiety: studies show that sleep deprivation can make your body feel more stressed out and increase the likelihood of developing anxiety disorders in general.

There are quite literally hundreds of ways to get a massage—and even if you don’t want to spend money at a spa or salon, there are plenty of ways to give yourself one at home! You could try using a deep muscle massager like this type of fascial massager from Fivali, which allows you control over how hard or soft it’s working its magic on your shoulders (or wherever else).

If you’re feeling anxious, there are many things you can do to help yourself feel better. Get out of the house and go for a walk, talk to a trusted friend or get some hot drinks. If these methods aren’t working for you then consider having a massage because it can truly make all the difference!

Emily Brook

Emily Brook

Hi, I'm Emily, a Health and Fitness Specialist with FivaliFitness. With years of experience in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer, I am passionate about helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

Whether you're new to fitness or an experienced athlete, our products and resources are designed to support and enhance your fitness journey. So, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at any time!

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