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How knee braces help with your runners’ knee

The knee is one of the most important joints in your body. It’s responsible for supporting your weight and enabling you to walk, run, jump and more. While runners’ knee doesn’t often result in long-term damage to the knee joint itself, it can be quite painful.

Runners’ knee is a common injury among athletes.

Runners’ knee is a common injury among athletes. It occurs when the patella (knee cap) rubs against the quadriceps tendon, which attaches to your kneecap. This friction can cause swelling and pain behind your knee cap, as well as pain when bending or straightening your leg.

Runners’ knee is more common in people who run long distances, but it can also occur if you do other forms of exercise like cycling –especially if you do these activities on hard surfaces such as concrete sidewalks or asphalt roads.

What causes runners’ knee?

So what causes runners’ knee, and how can you avoid it?

The answer lies in your body’s mechanics. When you run, your foot strikes the ground and your leg absorbs the shock of impact by bending slightly at the knee. As you lift your leg back up to take another step, one of two things can happen: either all of the force from this toe-off motion transfers directly into your shinbone or tibia, or some proportion of it goes into bending those joints instead.

If most of that energy is being transferred into bending those joints, then over time this will lead to damage within those structures. This condition has been diagnosed as runner’s knee or patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS).

How do braces help?

Knee braces help to stabilize the knee and reduce pain and swelling. They can also prevent injury by keeping your knee in the proper position, which helps to keep it healthy.

The best way to get a brace for runners knee is through an orthopedic doctor or physical therapist who specializes in sports medicine. This person will take a look at your running form and determine whether or not you’re at risk for developing runner’s knee. If so, they’ll recommend wearing a brace while training in order to prevent further damage from occurring

Runners’ knee is a common injury among athletes, especially runners. It can be painful and make it difficult to exercise or play sports. We sincerely hope you can avoid knee injuries.

Emily Brook

Emily Brook

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