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How to Heal Pulled Muscles

how to heal pulled muscles

Healing torn muscles is an important step in ensuring a full recovery and avoiding subsequent difficulties. We will look at the causes, symptoms, and effective treatments for pulled muscles. Understanding the healing process and following the appropriate measures is critical, whether you’re an athlete recovering from a sports-related strain or someone dealing with a muscle injury in your regular life.


Pulled muscles, also known as muscular strains, are injuries arising from overstretching or tearing of the muscle fibers. Muscle strains can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Sudden Movements: Sudden and strong movements that strain the muscle, such as lifting large things or quickly twisting or turning.
  • Overuse: The continuous or excessive use of a muscle without enough rest, which is frequent in athletes and active people.
  • Poor Technique: Muscle strains can be caused by incorrect form or technique during physical activity or exercise.
  • Age: Muscles may become more prone to stress as people age due to natural muscular suppleness reduction.
  • Previous Injuries: Having a history of muscle strains or other injuries can make you more prone to future strains since the afflicted muscle is weaker.
  • Physical Fitness: Muscle strains are more likely if you don’t warm up properly before indulging in physical activities.

Differentiating Severity

Muscle strains are classified into three severity levels based on their severity:

Mild (Grade I) strains cause little damage to muscle fibers. Mild discomfort, minimal weakness, and no or minimal swelling are among the symptoms.

Moderate (Grade II) stresses cause partial tearing of muscle fibers. Pain, significant edema, decreased muscle strength, and decreased range of motion are all symptoms.

Severe (Grade III) strains are characterized by the total rupture of muscle fibers. Intense pain, substantial swelling, severe muscle weakness, and a limited range of motion are among the symptoms. These conditions may necessitate surgical intervention.

Immediate First Aid

how to treat a pulled muscle

When a muscle strain occurs, it is critical to administer quick first aid to relieve discomfort, minimize swelling, and support the early phases of healing. The following are the steps for immediate first aid and the significance of rest:

  • Rest: To avoid further harm, immediately discontinue the activity that created the strain. Avoid putting any strain or weight on the afflicted muscle.
  • Ice: Wrap an ice pack in a small cloth and apply it to the damaged region. During the first 48 hours, apply ice for 15-20 minutes every 1-2 hours. By restricting blood vessels, the cold reduces pain and swelling.
  • Compression: Apply a modest compressive bandage to the affected region. Make sure the bandage is snug but not overly tight, as too much pressure can impair blood circulation.
  • Elevation: If feasible, elevate the damaged limb above the level of the heart. This allows fluids to drain away from the wounded area, reducing swelling.

Treatment Options

Muscle strains, often known as pulled muscles, have a variety of treatment options depending on the degree of the injury. Here are some popular muscle strain treatments:

  • Heat Therapy: Once the initial swelling has gone down (typically within 48 hours), you can apply heat to the muscle to relax it, enhance blood circulation, and reduce muscle stiffness. As needed, apply a warm compress or a heating pad.
  • Massage Guns: Set up to deliver quick, precise muscle massage, massage guns are handheld devices with vibrating or percussive heads. Percussive massage helps improve blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the affected muscle.
  • Pain remedies: Over-the-counter pain medicines such as ibuprofen (NSAIDs) or acetaminophen can be used to treat discomfort and reduce inflammation. Follow the dose directions exactly.
  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapist can design a personalized rehabilitation program for you. Exercises, stretches, and manual treatment techniques may be used to strengthen the injured muscle, improve flexibility, and improve overall function.
  • Ultrasound Therapy (in some circumstances): In more severe cases, healthcare providers may employ therapeutic ultrasound to aid healing and alleviate pain.


Muscle strains – Diagnosis and treatment

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Emily Brook

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