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How to treat meniscus tears

Meniscus tears are common and can happen to anyone. If you have a meniscus tear, there are many different treatment options to help you get back on your feet again. In this article we’ll cover the basics of what a meniscus tear is and what to do if this happens to you!

You’ve probably heard the word “meniscus” before, but do you really know what it means? The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that helps stabilize the knee. It’s shaped like a crescent moon and located between your thigh bones (femur) and shin bones (tibia).

The meniscus acts as an adjustment device for each leg, preventing the joint from rolling inward or outward too much when you walk or run on hard surfaces. If this happens too often, it could lead to chronic injuries like arthritis in your hips or knees—or even torn menisci!

Meniscus tears are fairly common. They can be caused by a sudden injury or overuse of the knee, such as when you fall hard on your knee and it bangs against something hard.

Symptoms of a meniscus tear.

If you have a meniscus tear, it can be painful and difficult to walk. You may notice that your knee is hitting the back of your thigh when walking. This is called “catching” because it feels like you are trying to catch something with each step.

You may also experience swelling in the joint, which makes it look larger than normal and increases friction between bones as they move together inside the joint (synovial fluid). The swelling may make it hard for people on crutches or walkers because their weight will push down harder on one side of their leg than another—this can cause pain if pressure builds up over time!

How to treat a torn meniscus without surgery.

When a meniscus tear is minor and not causing pain, the best treatment is rest. Your doctor may recommend that you avoid sports or activities that cause stress on your knee joint for two to three weeks or restrict your movement by wearing knee braces for meniscus tears.

If the tear is more severe and causing pain, then a doctor will likely recommend surgery to repair it with a small incision made just below the knee cap. The result of this procedure is that you can resume normal daily activities within two weeks of surgery rather than being completely out for six months or longer like some cases require.

Hopefully, we’ve given you a clearer idea of what a meniscus tear is and the common symptoms. You may have also learned some of the treatment options available for your injury. If you’re still confused about how to treat meniscus tears without surgery, talk with your doctor about it.

Emily Brook

Emily Brook

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