The functions of massager device

Ours Deep tissue gun of massager of lightweight design with carrying case and user manual, simplifying storage and transportation, the best gift choice for family or friends

This massage device is great for relieving muscle soreness, easing body pain, and promoting blood circulation. It can provide a relaxing massage after working out. It can also provide a soothing massage after working out.

Multifunctional massager

The handheld massager has powerful and quiet vibration, working on your acupuncture points. It can soothe sore muscles, relieve pain and promote blood circulation.

Home use and portable                    

The electric massager is more convenient and easy to operate than traditional massage tools. You can use it at home or carry it with you for travel.

The electric massager is easy to use and portable, making it convenient for you to take with you anywhere. This electric massager is also easy to carry around at home or on the road, making it a great choice for anyone who wants all the benefits of a professional quality massage in their own home.

Adjustable speed

The electrical massager can adjust the vibrating speed from low to high according to your needs. It will not harm your skin and muscles even at high speeds.

Rechargeable battery

The electric back massager is built in a rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged via USB cable and lasts for a long time. Compared with traditional batteries, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, long service life and so on.

The lithium battery is a kind of non- secondary sealed battery that uses lithium as its cathode material. The features of lithium batteries are high energy density and low self-discharge rate. The running time can be up to 6 hours per charge depending on actual situation.

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