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Nighttime Running: How to start

Nighttime running is a great way to get in some exercise after work. It has many benefits over daytime running, including the opportunity for more interesting scenery and fewer people around. However, there are also safety concerns that make nighttime running less appealing for some people. This article will explain how to start night time running – from finding a good place to run, choosing the right shoes and making sure your training plan works for you!

Find a good place to run.

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a good place to run. It’s important that you choose a safe area with good lighting and a surface that won’t cause injury or pain.

If possible, try running on streets with well-lit sidewalks or parks with lights around them–this will help ensure that no one can sneak up behind you unawares. If there are no such options available near your home or apartment building, consider running along busy roads where there are more cars driving by (but remember: stay off the street!). You might also want to consider investing in some reflective gear if dusk falls before dawn every day–this will make it easier for drivers coming from behind at night time so they can see who they’re passing by and avoid hitting anyone who may be jogging down their path!

Find the right shoes.

Before you even think about putting on your running shoes, make sure they fit properly. Shoes that are too big or too small can cause problems when running and lead to injury.

When buying a pair of running shoes, look for something that feels comfortable in the store–not just when you’re standing still but also when walking around and moving your feet around inside the shoe. If a pair feels great at first but then starts feeling uncomfortable after just an hour or so, don’t buy them!

Finally, remember that not all surfaces are created equal: if you plan on running primarily on pavement (as most people do), then look for a pair with good traction; if you run mostly off-road or through grassy areas where slippery rocks might be hidden underneath leaves or mud (and trust us: they will be), try out some trail runners instead!

Make a plan suitable for you.

Make a plan for yourself. You don’t have to follow any particular program, but you should make sure that what you’re doing is safe and effective for your needs.

Make sure it suits your needs. If you want to run at night because it’s cooler and there are fewer people around then go for it! But if safety is an issue or if there are other reasons why running during the day would suit you better (like being able to see better), then stick with daylight running instead of switching things up at nightfall just because someone else says so.* Check in with yourself before getting started — can I actually stick with this?

Avoid overtraining and injury.

Running too much or too fast can lead to injury and burnout (which is why we recommend starting with a slow jog). If your joints feel stiff and sore after each run, consider taking more rest days in between runs. If this doesn’t help ease the pain then it might be time for some massage therapy! Massages are cheaper than physio sessions but still effective at easing muscle tension caused by overuse or injury.

Massage can help reduce muscle soreness and prevent injuries by improving blood flow to the muscles. You can do this yourself using deep tissue massagers (be careful not to overdo it), or hire someone else who knows what they’re doing!

Running at night is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s important to take some precautions, though, so that you can keep yourself safe. Make sure that you have proper footwear for nighttime running and make sure it fits well before heading out! Also remember that overtraining can lead to injury so don’t push yourself too hard when starting out on this new routine.

Emily Brook

Emily Brook

Hi, I'm Emily, a Health and Fitness Specialist with FivaliFitness. With years of experience in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer, I am passionate about helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

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