What are the features of message gun?

Battery life display, ready to charge in advance.

You can see the battery life display on the message gun, which is very convenient for you to know the battery life at any time. If you want to use it for a long time and don’t want to charge it in advance, then you need to pay attention to this point. If you want to keep your message gun working for a long time, then this product is suitable for your needs!

Massage gun comes with eight different kinds of massage heads. Suitable different body needs so that you can effectively relieve your back, neck, arms, legs, muscle soreness etc.

The massage heads are made of silicone and are washable for easy cleaning after use. The design makes it flexible to fit different body parts and angles. The massage heads are durable enough to be used again once they get dirty or worn out after a long time of use (at least 100 times).

The ergonomic grip design of the message gun is not only comfortable to hold but also effectively relieves your fatigue, reducing muscle stiffness. The percussion massage gun can be used to massage your neck, lower and upper back, shoulder, lumbar, waist and leg.

The features of massage hammer are battery life display and ready to charge in advance with eight massage heads. 30 different speed levels can be customized, it allows you to choose the massage pressure and intensity as you need to relax massage for each muscle and achieves a professional beat with varying speeds for a long time. With brushless motor technology and high frequency and speed, also brings super silent (<55dp) when massaging. No matter if you use the muscle gun at home or in the office, you can enjoy an in-depth comfy massage at any time without disturbing people around. Our message gun has an easy-to-operate LED control, which can easily adjust the speed and vibration level, it can also display the power, with a glance you can see the amount of power remaining and know when to charge the gun before the battery runs out. It is very easy to use it. Simply turn on the machine, choose your desired mode, select a massage head and press on the area you want to work on. The unit will automatically adjust its speed as necessary based upon how much pressure you apply while using it. If you need more power or less than what’s being provided by default then simply slide down towards your thumb where you’ll find three buttons: one for turning up the intensity; another for turning it down; and finally one that allows you to cycle through different modes like vibration only versus vibration plus heat. The ergonomic grip design reduces muscle stiffness.

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