What is a patellar knee brace?

A patellar knee brace is a brace that wraps around the front of your knee to support it and help prevent injury. They’re most often used by athletes, especially those who play contact sports such as football or soccer.

A patellar knee brace provides support and stabilization of the knee cap to prevent it from dislocating or moving out of place while doing activities. The knee brace is also known as a patellar stabilizer, patellar tendon strap or jumper’s knee strap. These knee brace support are designed to prevent injury as well as provide support and relief to a painful or injured knee.

The most common type of injury that causes a person to need this type of product is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). When there is an ACL tear, it means that one or both connecting tendons has been torn in half at its attachment point on the femur bone below your kneecap (patella). Without these two tendons holding your legs together properly, you will experience pain when running down stairs or jumping over something high off the ground because your knees may not align correctly when landing hard on solid surfaces such as concrete sidewalks outside buildings where people walk regularly throughout each day without realizing how dangerous they truly are until they fall victim themselves due to misalignment caused by wearing shoes with worn soles which makes them unstable while walking upstairs instead

Patellar knee braces are designed with a metal hinge that fits over your kneecap (patella), which gives the brace more stability and helps protect the joint. The knee braces for knee pain also has straps that wrap around your thigh, calf, and shin for added support.

There are many different styles of patellar knee braces available on the market today, including:

-Individually molded: These are custom-made for each patient using their specific measurements. They’re made from soft plastic with a metal hinge that fits over the kneecap (patella).

-Hinged: These braces have an adjustable hinge in them so they can be loosened or tightened to fit your leg comfortably while you’re wearing them. Hinged braces typically don’t need to be replaced after an injury because they can be adjusted as needed over time or replaced when necessary.

Athletes who need a patellar knee brace may have injured their patellar tendon or other parts of their knee joint during training or competition. The injury can cause pain, swelling, bruising and stiffness around the joint where it meets the upper portion of your shinbone (tibia). A doctor will usually recommend using a patella knee brace after an injury occurs to ensure that symptoms don’t worsen over time.

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