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Product Features

1. Thin and Lightweight: It’s easy to wear with shoes and without feeling bulky or uncomfortable.

2. The Open-heel Design: Reduces pressure on the ankle and provides better protection.

3. Skin-Friendly and Elastic: Adapt to various foot shapes.

4. Provides Compression and Support: Stabilize the ankle and help prevent ankle sprains caused by lateral movement.

5. Secure Fixation and Injury Prevention: By firmly securing the ankle in place, the support helps to prevent excessive movement and provides additional reinforcement to the surrounding muscles and ligaments.
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FIVALI Ankle Brace Care

  • Make sure the brace fits snugly but comfortably around your ankle.
  • Take breaks from wearing the brace throughout the day to allow your skin to breathe and prevent any potential discomfort.
  • Clean your ankle brace regularly to prevent the buildup of sweat, dirt, or bacteria that can cause odors or skin irritation.
  • If you have a pre-existing ankle condition or injury, consult with your doctor before purchasing and using an ankle brace to ensure it is appropriate for your specific needs.
Fivali Ankle Stabilizer-Size
Fivali Ankle Socks-ABF023-Beige-Ankle Size

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