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People always suffer pain and injury in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the knee. Thus, a good pair of hinge knee brace plays a crucial part in protection and maintenance. Buy a hinge knee brace today! Free Shipping! Super Fast Delivery Within 5 Days. Fivali's hinge knee braces deliver stable movement and rapid relief from injuries in your daily life. Less Pain, More Stability. Choose Fivali's knee brace with hinges as your good gear.

What is Hinged Knee Support?

The hinged knee braces are crafted with either one or two hinges on the side of the knee joint. It helps to control excessive movement while not compromising stability and flexibility. The orthopedic hinged knee brace is used for knee injuries & surgeries, such as ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) tears or reconstructions, or chronic knee conditions such as osteoarthritis. The best-hinged knee brace can offer a maximum level of support to the knee, ideal for daily recovery. Moreover, it helps people engage in sports and walk like normal people, although they suffer from ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, instabilities, and meniscus injuries.

The 3 Major Benefits of Hinged Knee Brace

Daily Protection: The hinged knee supports can add a solid protection for athletes, especially in basketball, volleyball and football. Wearing hinged knee braces can protect their knees from injury and pain.

Post-injury & Post-surgery movement: The hinged knee braces are always worn by patients who undergo surgery or healing. Because hinged knee support can relieve knee pain and add stability in walking, standing up and other daily use. Some patients experience knee injury or surgery, and they need additional physical support until full recovery. With orthopedic hinged knee brace, patients are able to walk and move steadily.

Stress Reduction: The knee braces with hinges on the side are designed for arthritis and incorrect alignment. They help decrease pressure on the knee, further contributing to pain relief.

The Best Hinged Knee Brace at Fivali

Moving with your leg, Fivali neoprene hinged knee braces provide reliable support and stability for you. Our hinged knee braces & supports give you the confidence to walk and play in sports.

1. Adjustable: With Velcro Fastening, the neoprene hinged knee brace allows you to easily tighten or loosen, finding your perfect fit. 

2. Metal Spring Stabilizer: Our hinged knee brace is crafted with a metal spring stabilizer on the side, plus more support and protection in high-impact activities or sports.

3. Patellar Gel Pad: The hinged knee brace boasts a patellar gel pad to absorb shock and reduce pressure on the knee joint. They minimize the risk of injuries such as tendonitis or bursitis.

4. Stretch Fabric: Our metal hinged knee brace is made of unique 4-way stretch blend fabric, offering you ultra breathable experience in daily use. Highlighting good elasticity, the adjustable hinged knee brace enables you to move freely. Upgrading airflow, it also prevents overheating and excessive sweating.

5. Cross-strap Compression: The hinged knee brace with cross-compression design adds targeted pressure to the knee joint. It is beneficial to improve blood circulation and prevent inflammation.

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