Back Brace for Posture
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Your Perfect-fit Shoulder Back Brace for Posture

Caused by injury, disease, excessive strain, or even poor posture, many people worldwide suffer from back pain. Here at Fivali, whether you need a lower back brace or a full back brace, we offer a variety of back braces for posture. Explore our diverse range of posture back braces to alleviate discomfort and reduce pressure on your lower back, shoulder, and spine.

Why Choose Fivali Back Support Brace

Fivali shoulder back brace offers effective lumbar support for all-day comfort, involving:

  • Advanced Back Support: Built-in robust internal support structures, our high-quality full back brace offers extra compression and support, making it helpful for anyone experiencing scoliosis, back pain, and injury. Especially after a tough workout, the posture corrector back brace can effectively prevent future back injury. The posture corrector back brace also helps to maintain proper posture and spinal alignment during lifting or carrying activities, reducing the risk of strain or injury to the lower back.
  • Shoulder & Lumber Stability: With shoulder straps and full-back cover, our back brace support can protect your shoulders and waist, and fix the back for adults’ posture. The back support brace not only contributes to posture, but also avoids excessive movement of the spine.
  • Detachable Back Strap: The scoliosis back brace comes with removable & adjustable support shoulder straps. According to your specific needs, you can wear & detach the back straps from the braces. Equipped with shoulder straps, the shoulder and back brace keep your posture correct and straight, not slipping or readjusting during daily use. So you can rely on our good back brace for posture.
  • Breathable & Comfortable: Made of breathable mesh fabrics, our back support brace ensures proper airflow and ventilation to keep your back skin cool. Wearing our back brace for good posture and upper back pain, you can enjoy a comfortable experience for all-day use, without sweating or skin irritation.
  • Custom Fit: Our posture back brace can easily fit different body sizes and shapes, allowing a snug and secure fit for maximum support and comfort throughout the workday.
  • Durable to Use: Fivali Back Belt uses durable materials for a longer life. It is designed to withstand friction, providing reliable support when lifting heavy objects.
  • Posture Support: Our premium adjustable posture corrector can ease aches & pains, and correct poor posture. The comfortable shoulder back brace will support you any time of day, whether working long hours or sporting at the gym. It's the best gift for familiar, friends and someone you respect.
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