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Fivali Figure 8 Back Brace for Posture and Protection
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What is an Upper Back Brace?

Designed with adjustable straps, rigid panels, and soft padding, the upper back brace stabilizes the thoracic spine and offers gentle and flexible support. It can also relieve pain between your shoulder blades, shoulders, and neck. If you sitting for work in long hours, or suffer from bad posture, upper back injury, and pain, you can wear upper back brace support to reduce pressure on the spinal column.

⭐Upper Back Brace for Pain
In their lifetime, many people have suffered from acute or chronic upper back pain that may be caused by neck sprain, cervical osteoarthritis, and frozen shoulder. For pain relief, people wear an upper back brace to give additional support to their upper spine and relevant muscles.

⭐Upper Back Brace for Posture
Scoliosis is an abnormal S-shaped or C-shaped curve of the spine. Teens and adults with a bad posture have experienced scoliosis. To deal with poor posture, they can wear an upper back posture brace to gradually keep a straight and healthy posture.

⭐Upper Back Brace for Work
A lot of people have sat and worked in front of computers for a long time, leading to bad habits such as slouching or hunching over. By gently pulling the shoulders back and aligning the spine, an upper back support brace can promote proper posture, reduce strain on the upper back muscles, and remove discomfort or fatigue.

Why Fivali Upper Back Posture Brace?

Have you suffered from upper back injury & pain? Have you experienced poor posture for a long time? Find Fivali to buy your upper back brace online. We arrange a variety of upper back braces for you. Designed with breathable mesh fabrics, our upper back support brace gives you smooth airflow on your back and shoulder in the summer. Additionally, the upper back posture support is equipped with soft padding straps to reduce friction and stress on your shoulders. With back metal stabilizers and an elastic waist belt, Fivali’s upper back braces bring you excellent and comfortable wearing experience in your work, exercises, home, and daily use.

How to Wear Upper Back Support Brace?

1) Put the shoulder straps through the back buckle
2) Put on the upper back brace like wearing a vest
3) Adjust the straps to straighten your upper back. When you reach the most comfortable position, stick the Velcro on the waist belt
4) Check your upper back support again. Sit down or stand for a long time and pay attention to your posture. If you feel any discomfort and pain, adjust the back straps for a custom fit.
5) The upper back posture brace will pull your shoulders back and encourage proper alignment of your upper spine. After wearing upper back support, you will build muscle memory for the right posture.
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