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The Best Thumb & Wrist Brace at Fivali

The most comfortable wrist and thumb braces you'll ever put on. Fivali wrist thumb brace is a great revolution to support your wrist. With superior lightweight and breathable design, our thumb and wrist brace helps reduce pain and ease Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Plus, the thumb wrist braces provide support and rest for wrist sprains and injuries or give protection after surgery or workouts. ENJOY FREE SHIPPING & LOWER PRICES! Shop thumb wrist braces now!

What is Thumb Wrist Brace?

The thumb and wrist brace provide support and stability to both the thumb and wrist joints. The wrist thumb brace covers both the thumb and the wrist to prevent excessive and repeated movement of the wrist joint, reducing the risk of wrist and thumb injuries, strains, or sprains. With adjustable straps, the thumb and wrist brace can offer a custom fit for you. They are not too tight for your hand and wrist, while adding pressure on your wrist and thumb joint. By promoting blood circulation and reducing swelling & inflammation, the thumb and wrist brace can promote faster healing of injuries. Some thumb wrist support braces are designed with rigid or semi-rigid to limit excessive motion, allowing injured tissues to heal quickly. If you do not get your thumb and wrist hurt, you can also wear a thumb and wrist tendonitis brace to escape future injury in the sports game.

Thumb Wrist Brace VS Wrist Brace

Depending on different specific needs and the affected areas, you can choose a wrist brace with/without a thumb stabilizer. They are always used in wrist sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, or repetitive strain injuries. But what is the major difference between a thumb wrist brace and a wrist brace?

Coverage: The thumb wrist support brace covers your thumb and wrist, while the wrist brace only focuses on the wrist joint.
Design: The thumb wrist brace is equipped with a thumb strap or splint around the base of the thumb, adding extra support for your small thumb; The Wrist brace may offer more support to the wrist joint than the thumb.

How to Care for the Wrist Brace with Thumb Support

Following the Fivali care instructions can greatly prolong the life of your thumb wrist brace:
Hand wash is better, machine wash is available.
Before machine washing, you need to fix all thumb wrist support straps.
Remember to put thumb wrist support in a net bag.
Machine wash on the gentle cycle at a low temperature
Allow to air dry
DO NOT add bleach
DO NOT dry in a dryer or wash in a dishwasher.

    FAQ for Thumb and Wrist Support Braces