Fitness, Vitality and Life.

Life begins with a love for fitness. At Fivali, We are committed to encouraging enthusiasts in different sports. We believe people should live an active lifestyle without cute or chronic pain holding them back. That's why we provide superior and affordable sports braces at any size. You can rely on Fivali, a professional sports brace brand, with 10 years of experience to help you maintain an active and healthy life.

With Fivali, you’ll enjoy more comfortable movement and greater freedom so you can get close to fitness and life. Here, we not only provide high-quality sports braces available in different sizes, ages, designs, and colors but also give you a 30-day guarantee for reliable purchase.

Our Story

Where Passion Meets Protection

FIVALI's story begins with the founder's passion for fitness. He is an outdoor adventurer yearning for freedom and vitality. Each hiking and running became his escape, each moment in nature a breath of fresh air. But he is suddenly faced with a challenge - a knee injury, which highlights the crucial role of proper sports protection.

Fueled by his injury experience, FIVALI was born in 2014. Where passion meets protection. Every adventurer needs reliable sports protection gear to support them. At Fivali, we promise to sell high-quality and accessible sports braces to fully support your daily fitness. We inspire more adventurers to join us! Let's wear FIVALI sports brace and lead active and healthy lifestyles.
The First Step Towards Sports Brace

At Fivali, fitness and vitality are life. We understand what sports enthusiasts need is greater support and protection. When wearing professional sports braces like Fivali, athletes will boost more confidence in their way to fitness. We keep athletes in mind and empower them with exceptional gear, allowing them to unleash their potential with confidence.

Starting with our first product - FKR09 Knee Brace, Fivali gradually expanded its markets from knee braces to shoulder braces. Our sports braces provide comprehensive support and protection for sports enthusiasts.

Each product embodies our passion for fitness and commitment to life. We hope with Fivali, more people will enjoy the charm and joy of sports.

To be continued...

More Than Just Products

Choose Fivali is not just an injury-free experience in your sports, but a way of life. We find many people love sports but stop in injury and pain. So Fivali comes to help! We never change our minds and care for athletes. “Fitness, vitality, life.” We provide excellent sports protection gear to encourage sports enthusiasts.

Whether professional athletes or those suffering from joint discomfort, Fivali gets them covered and helps to find suitable sports braces supports.