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How to Choose the Right Elbow Brace?

The elbow tendonitis brace is regarded as an effective treatment for tennis or golfer’s elbow, while preventing further harm to the elbow joint. When choosing the best elbow support brace for your needs, you need to take some important factors into consideration, including material, type, sizing, and support level.

1.Elbow Brace Material

The common materials of elbow braces are Neoprene, Nylon, Spandex Blend, Silicone Pad, and Mesh.

  • Neoprene is the best material for elbow braces. It's breathable and lightweight, allowing elbow support braces to absorb your moisture quickly, durable to use.

  • Nylon and Spandex Blend is always found in compression elbow sleeves. It's very lightweight and elastic, allowing for flexible motion in your sports game.

  • Nylon Mesh is breathable for frequent airflow, preventing elbow braces from overheating in daily use.

  • Silicone pads or lining can effectively prevent slipping down in the tennis or golfing. It can allow the elbow pain brace to grip firmly to the skin. Thus you can focus on your performance, with comfortable elbow braces.

2.Elbow Support Brace Type

The elbow braces can be divided into 2 types: compression elbow sleeves and counterforce elbow straps.

  • Compression elbow sleeves are made of lightweight and thin materials, easy to wear and take off in your daily use. They can be worn under the shirts, no one can observe them.
  • Elbow straps are smaller and thicker than compression elbow sleeves. Equipped with Velcro Straps, you may take some effort to wear and take off it. But compared with compression elbow sleeves, the elbow straps add more protection to your joint.

3.Elbow Tendonitis Brace Size

  • Elbow braces with adjustable straps can make it easy to fit your arm, attached or detached easily. These types of braces always belong to elbow straps.
  • For fixed type, although compression elbow sleeves can't be adjusted to a range of sizes, it's elastic to accommodate most of the arm. They provide a snug fit and compression to your elbow.

4.Elbow Pain Brace Support Level

  • Lower Support Level of Elbow Brace: If you are searching for pain relief from minor aches and pains, or want to add some compression, a mild elbow support brace can meet your needs.
  • Medium Support Level of Elbow Brace: For moderate elbow supports, they can provide great support and stability during tennis. They are helpful for the last stages of injury recovery.
  • Maxi Support Level of Elbow Brace: The maximum elbow braces, such as tennis elbow brace, are suitable for the first stage of recovery or some serious elbow injury and pain. With extra padding, they can protect your elbow from further pain and injury.

    FAQ for Elbow Support Braces