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Why We Need Knee Brace for Football?

Playing football is a game from school kids to professional teams. It's enjoyed by all ages. but places a large amount of impact on your knees. Football players perform tackling, sharp turning, and lateral movement in this sport, which will put an extra amount of pressure on their knees. So if you always play on the soccer field, you need a good pair of football knee braces. The knee braces are crucial for football. They give support and stability to the knee joint, and reduce the risk of injury. With knee support braces, football players and linemen can play on the field longer and healthier.

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Types of Knee Support for Football

  • Compression Knee Sleeves: This type of football knee brace is popular among players and linemen. Compared to hinge knee braces, compression knee support offers less support to the knee joint in the football game. However, they are lightweight and elastic. By compressing the knee muscle, the football lineman knee brace can improve blood flow and reduce swelling to promote recovery.
  • Hinged Knee Braces: Hinged knee braces feature metal or plastic hinges on each side of the brace. They provide extra stability and support for football players and linemen, significantly reducing the pressure of the kneecap. With thick and rigid protection layer, the football knee braces help to reduce the risk of further injury.
  • Neoprene Knee Support Brace: With an open patella design, the neoprene knee avoids pressure on the patella and absorbs the sweat quickly. They are made of a flexible and elastic material for comfortable wear. The football knee braces offer compression, warmth, and support to the knee joint, making them suitable for summer days.
  • Knee Straps/Bands: Football knee straps or bands are small, with adjustable straps to wrap around the knee. They enhance the stability of knees and relax tendons. The knee strap provides targeted support to the patellar tendon (located just below the kneecap). They also help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with football players' knees. With knee straps, the football players and linemen are able to train and play with less pain.
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