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FIVALI Knee Brace Care

Before the initial use of the knee brace, it is essential to wash it by hand and allow it to air dry naturally.

Avoid the use of washing machines, as they can harm the structure and compression of the knitted fabric. Exercise caution to prevent the knee brace from snagging on other objects, as this can lead to damage.

Ensure the product is not exposed to high-temperature environments, as this may cause scorching on the product's surface and result in a loss of elasticity. By following these guidelines, you can extend the lifespan and effectiveness of your knee brace.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Brace for a Great Price

I just bought this brace a week ago and it has been a big step up from the other braces I've been wearing. I have knee arthritis and use this brace to provide additional support and pain suppression while I referee high school basketball. The brace provides great support above, below and around the knee, and the pivot joints allow for flexibility. It's pretty robust but doesn't protrude outwards too much, so you can't tell I'm wearing a brace under my referee pants. The price is VERY good for this caliber of knee brace and I highly recommend it.

Vivian Williams

It fits tight, my measurements are thigh, 221/2", calf 15"