Bench Press Wrist Brace: The Perfect Combination of Strength Training and Protection

Fivali Bench Press Wrist Brace: The Perfect Combination of Strength Training and Protection-Guide

As one of the classic movements in strength training, the bench press is loved by the majority of fitness enthusiasts. However, bench pressing does come with certain risks. Since the wrist needs to bear greater pressure, wrist pain and damage can easily result from inadequate wrist strength or poor postures. Therefore, when performing bench press training, it is necessary to pay more attention to protecting the wrists.

The bench press wrist brace, a professional fitness aid, can efficiently prevent our wrists from injury. Follow us to understand the role of the bench press wrist brace and explore how it blends strength training with wrist joint protection, promising a safer and more effective workout experience.

Fivali wrist brace for strength training-Guide

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Wrist Stresses and Injuries in Bench Pressing

Doing bench presses is indeed a highly effective muscle development strategy. Meanwhile, our wrists also suffer from significant stress. The primary stress encountered during bench press is axial loading, where the weight of the bar presses down directly on our wrist joints. This is the moment when our wrist is most injury-prone. When we have to maintain the bar balance, the injury risk only increases as our wrists are exposed to lateral and rotational forces.

These forces are required to keep our wrists in a firm position. Otherwise, we may leave our wrist vulnerable to the following injuries:

  • Sprains and strains: During bench press training, our ligaments and tendons of the wrist need to lift and stabilize heavy objects like barbells, undertaking huge and immense pressure. At this time, any improper posture and excessive use can cause these tissues to overstretch, leading to sprains or strains.
  • Tendinitis: Repetitive stress during long-term fitness training can cause inflammation in the wrist tendons. This is frequently brought on by overusing the tendon to hold a particular grip and position for a long time.
  • Fractures: While fractures are less common, they do occur in severe cases, especially if the wrist buckles under an excessive load or the weight is dropped accidentally.

The Role of the Bench Press Wrist Brace

Don’t worry; as long as using a bench press wrist brace, our wrists are protected from most injuries.

  • Provide Stability

In bench press exercises, it's easy to get into trouble if failed to stabilize our wrists. By keeping the wrist in a neutral position, bench press wrist braces offer enhanced stability. This support can make fitness enthusiasts handle heavier weights more safely and stably.

  • Reduce Stress

Depending upon the weight of the bar we are carrying, our wrists are always exposed to levels of stress and weight. A well-designed wrist brace for bench press distributes these forces more evenly across the wrist and forearm, rather than placing all the pressure to concentrate on the wrist. This distribution will mitigate the impact of axial loads and the twisting forces that will strain the wrist otherwise.

  • Improve Grip Strength

Although improving grip strength is not the main purpose of a wrist brace, the stability it offers will help improve grip performance inadvertently. The wrist support for bench press makes it possible to grasp the barbell with better control and firmness by stabilizing the wrist. This control is especially helpful while lifting heavy objects, as a firm hold is necessary for both security and efficiency.


How to Wear a Bench Press Wrist Brace Correctly

For best wrist support and protection, the bench press wrist brace must be correctly selected, worn, adjusted, and maintained. A small mistake at any step can be consequential.

Here are three easy steps to follow that will help us wear these braces perfectly:

The Right Size and Material

✔Making sure the brace fits comfortably and snugly around our wrist should be the first priority. To prevent a brace from being excessively tight (which could limit blood flow) or too loose (which won't give enough support), use sizing guides based on wrist circumference.
✔Furthermore, wrist support for bench press should be provided with a flexible, long-lasting material that lets the skin breathe.
✔The wrist support for bench presses is made up of mesh or moisture-wicking fabrics to reduce sweat accumulation during workouts.

Fivali wrist brace for bench press-Guide

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Correct Wearing and Adjustment Methods

Having the right size of bench press wrist brace is just a job half done. Now we need to wear the brace correctly and adjust it as per our hand size. Bench press wrist braces come in different types with each one of them needing to be adjusted differently.

  • The general rule of thumb is to put our brace's hinges correctly and adjust them before fastening its straps.
  • The brace should comfortably encircle the wrist, starting just below the base of the hand to cover the entire wrist joint fully.
  • Adjust the straps to a firmness that stabilizes the wrist without being overly tight.

Maintenance and Replacement

Another important aspect of using the bench press wrist brace is to maintain it regularly and replace it just in case it becomes non-functional.

  • Maintaining the bench press wrist brace involves regular cleaning with mild soap and lukewarm water and drying it properly before reusing it. It can be washed both manually and using a machine.
  • Do not forget to spray it with disinfectant to keep things hygienic and durable.
  • Replace the bench press wrist brace if it shows signs of deterioration or no longer provides sufficient support.

Fivali Recommendation

These best wrist guards champion a unique design that supports and enhances performance during workouts. Here are two different types of wrist brace to dominate at bench presses.

Fivali Wrist Wraps for Fitness Support and Slip Resistance- 2 Pack

Fivali Wrist Wraps for Fitness Support and Slip Resistance- 2 Pack has a silicone anti-slip layer that ensures a firm grip and prevents slippage during exercise, providing unparalleled stability and control over the workout. Plus, these wraps allow unrestricted finger movement. The extended length makes the wrists properly supported during workouts or intense activities, which is crucial for protecting against strains during intense activities.

In addition, they are designed to keep users’ comfort a topmost priority. This product, made of skin-friendly material, can promise long-time use without any discomforted feeling.

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Fivali Wrist Guards for Sports 2 Pack FWR04

Our Fivali Wrist Guards for Sports 2 Pack FWR04 is another premium choice for athletes seeking both support and flexibility during their workouts.This bench press wrist brace is crafted from woven fabric, which dramatically increases durability and flexibility. The full-length fabric coverage is designed to wrap completely around the wrist and provide comprehensive protection from various angles.A distinctive feature of the Fivali Wrist Guards for Sports 2 Pack FWR04 is the additional thumb strap. The strap is specifically created to reduce pressure on the wrist by distributing it more evenly. This addition enhances stability and offers extra support, making this guard particularly useful for activities that put significant strain on the wrist.

We, Fivali, are a symbol of dedication and expertise in making fitness gadgets. Since our foundation in 2014, we have been focused on bringing the best and most reliable sports protection. We are aware of the highly personalized needs of athletes, so we offer a wide range of braces in various sizes, designs, and colors. Explore our collection today and find the perfect fit for a wonderful fitness journey!


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