How to Fix Lower Back Pain from Running?

Fivali How to Fix Lower Back Pain from Running - Guide

Think of your body as a house and your lower back as the foundation of that house. If the foundation is unstable and weak, it will negatively impact the overall working of your body.

Unfortunately, over 600 million[1] people worldwide experience lower back pain, with runners that face this issue more commonly. So the question arises, how to fix lower back pain from running?

The good thing is nature gives you plenty of chances to eliminate your back pain if you truly follow the guidelines and healthy protocols. This article highlights everything about fixing your pain and enjoying a happier lifestyle with a functional body.


Fivali's lower back braces - Guide

Know the Causes of Lower Back Pain from Running Firstly

To answer how to fix lower back pain from running, you should know what actually triggers it. Therefore, listed below are some possible causes of this common yet painful disorder:

Fivali Causes of Lower Back Pain from Running Firstly

Muscle Strain

You often lift something too heavy, ramp up a quick mileage, or show a sudden awkward movement. Any of the above can cause injuries to the ligament, resulting in sprain and muscle strain. Muscle strain is one of the most common causes of lower back pain from running. It can also occur due to sneezing, coughing, or bending over.


Another possible cause of running pain in lower back is overstrain. It can happen due to strenuous physical activity, such as lifting or twisting. Thus, any action beyond a tolerable limit can pressure your muscles and cause back pain.

Muscle Imbalance

Different types of muscles are present in your back, hips, and legs. When these muscles do not perform their normal functions, more stress is placed on your spine and your lower back hurts when walking.

Improper Running Posture

Most joint and muscle injuries, especially lower back pain and hip and knee injuries, often result from improper running form. They develop over time and can accelerate the pain. Thus, the best solution is to know ‘’how to fix lower back pain from running’’ and adjust incorrect or poor running posture.

Uneven Running Surface

Surfaces that are hard or uneven can significantly trigger lower back pain, leading to frustration or discomfort. For example, irregular tracks or soft grounds can impact your bones or joints, causing shin pain or stress fractures.

Shoes and Other Equipment

Do you know your wearables drastically impact the functioning of your lower back and overall body cells? It is said that unsuitable shoes are one of the direct culprits for excessive lower back pain while running. Similarly, equipment such as a weighted vest can cause sprains or muscle strains.

Excessive Obesity

You’ll be surprised to know that overweight people are at a greater risk of developing back pain than normal individuals. Among all, obesity is the leading cause of back pain and can also increase inflammation in the body.

Pre-existing Diseases or Injuries

Diseases such as arthritis, kidney stones, or osteoporosis can cause inflammation or stiffness in the joints, leading to running pain in lower back. Whether it’s a chronic injury or a short-term disorder, it can significantly affect your lower back health.


How to Fix Lower Back Pain from Running

Now that you have understood all the possible causes of back pain, you might be excited to know how to fix lower back pain from running. For your convenience, here are some treatment methods that you can apply to prevent or alleviate this body pain:

Fivali How to Fix Lower Back Pain from Running

1. Do Warm-up Exercises

According to healthcare experts, stretching and exercising can help relieve back pain and prevent potential injuries. Well-stretched muscles not only improve your mobility but also maintain posture and reduce knots in lower back on both sides of spine while walking or standing.

However, it is advised not to overdo any physical activity. Ensure that you warm up 5 to 10 minutes before an intense workout, as it increases blood circulation and avoids worsened back issues over time.

2. Adjust Running Posture

When it comes to how to fix lower back pain from running, the most effective and simple treatment is maintaining the proper alignment of your spine. By adjusting your running posture, you stay in good body form, reducing strain on the lower back and helping you achieve an upright position. This way, you can relax your shoulders and get a complete range of motion.

3. Strengthen Core Muscles

Compared to typical resistance training, core muscle strengthening helps alleviate lower back pain after running. One of the most common strength exercises is crunches. It is one of the best activities to engage your core muscles and get spinal stability. This way, it contributes to a healthy back and prevents future spine injuries or back problems.

4. Adjust the Running Plan

Maintaining your running speed and pace can also help relieve lower back pain. It is also recommended that runners change their technique if they want to know how to fix lower back pain from running. For instance, you can decrease your running speed or the total distance to maintain an ideal running plan.

5. Choose the Right Shoes

As mentioned above, appropriate wearables can greatly impact your back pain. When you have the right footwear, you can run better and have a low risk of running pain in lower back. Moreover, the best running shoes have enough cushioning to protect you from severe foot problems, and thus, you can easily cross long mileage without discomfort.

6. Equip with a Back Brace

Probably, the best answer on how to fix lower back pain from running is by using a back brace. This specialized device is designed in a way that reduces pressure on the muscles, joints, and spine, thus providing stability to the core body parts. Overall, it serves as an external stabilizer that provides greater support to your spine and helps in posture correction.

However, when it comes to selecting the best back brace for lower back pain, you might get confused as there are multiple options to choose from. For this, Fivali comes to your help.

Fivali contains a wide range of back braces to support back pain and maintain the movement of your spine. To relieve muscle strain, you can get Fivali's lower back braces, as they are highly efficient and provide lower back support for running.

Fivali how to wear back brace -  Guide

7. Maintain a Good Lifestyle and Sleep

Lifestyle changes can also contribute to answering how to fix lower back pain from running. People who are active and keep a healthy weight help promote a healthy spine and support good back health. On the contrary, people with a sedentary lifestyle have weaker core muscles, poor posture, and high chances of back pain.

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, quality sleep can also reduce back pain risk and help in the healing process. A proper sleep schedule is strongly linked with body relief as it relaxes your lower back muscles. For quick results, you can also adjust your sleep positions to avoid lower back pain after workout. For instance, place a pillow under your hips and lower stomach as it will keep your head in the upright position and maintain spine health.

8. Seek Professional Help

Most back pain cases can be treated with little to no care at home. However, if you feel severe pain for a long time, it is always a good idea to seek medical help. If you cannot perform daily activities or the pain is getting worse day by day, you should immediately contact your doctor for help. They will prescribe medications or suggest surgery depending on the severity of the condition.


Final Thoughts

At this point, you might get the answer to how to fix lower back pain from running in a precise and detailed way. Apart from the general causes and treatment guidelines mentioned above, it is essential to note that back pain may last for several weeks and get better with time.

Plus, if you’re a sportsperson, especially a runner, you need specialized products to protect you from injuries. Therefore, Fivali offers a variety of products, including the best back brace for lower back pain and full back braces for support. Whether you’re a runner, basketball, or tennis player, you can get exceptional products in a reasonable range from Fivali.



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