How to Prevent Bunions?

How to Prevent Bunions?

Bunions are one of the most common foot problems. This disease can cause deformation of your big toes and causes pain and discomfort. Anyone can develop this disease at any age. Is there any method to prevent bunions from forming? If you have unfortunately developed bunions, how do you treat them? Let’s dive into these questions together.


What is Bunions?

Bunions may form when the big toe is pressing against the shoes or other things, which makes it lean to your second toe. The curvature of toes can make the joint of the big toe protrude outward and increase the probability of rubbing. Over time, a bony bump will appear on the base of the big toe and can become painful and inflamed. Friction while walking can worsen this situation.

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What Causes Bunions?

Due to the narrow shoes, the big toe is forced to deviate towards the other toes and maintain this position for a prolonged period, leading to the development of bunions. Individuals who frequently wear high heels or flip-flops are more prone to this condition.

Bunions can occur not only due to external factor, but can also be affected by age and genetics. If there is a family history of bunions, the likelihood of developing them is slightly higher than the general population.


How to Prevent Bunions

Choose Proper Footwear

When choosing your footwear, you should consider the following points:

  • Size: Like we mention before, bunions can develop due to the compression of shoes. When you wear shoes that are on the small side, your toes can easily shift due to lack of space. Therefore, choose shoes that match your foot size, which have enough room for your toes to move.
  • Design: In addition, the upper design of the shoe is also a factor that needs to be considered. Many ladies love to wear high heels due to various reasons. However, its design can make the toes press each other and put more pressure on the foot, which increase the risk of getting bunions.
  • Fabric: Soft fabric can give you a better wearing experience and protection, while rough fabric can rub your toes and bring pain.


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Foot Exercises

Regular exercise can keep your toes flexible. The first recommended exercise is to move your toes. Pull your big toes up and curl the other four toes down. Hold it for one minute and then do it again in reverse. It’s simple and easy to do.

The second exercise will use an elastic band. You can buy one or find a strap with elasticity and tie it in a loop. Put the band around both of your big toes. Then separate your feet apart until you see the big toes move toward to the midline of your body. Keep this posture for one minute, relax and do twenty repetitions.

There is a detailed reference video for you.



Give your feet a chance to rest and recover. If your job or lifestyle requires to stand or walk for long periods of time, you should take care to rest your feet. Find times to sit down and elevate your feet to reduce pressure and swelling. You can also remove your shoes without disturbing others, which will make your feet more relaxed.


Regular Medical Check

If you feel that you have suspected bunion symptoms, such as a tilted big toe or pain or inflammation at the base of the big toe, seek help from your doctor or physical therapist as soon as possible. A medical professional will be able to give an accurate judgment and preventive or therapeutic measures accordingly. Do not treat yourself without any medical basis.


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Use Bunions Correction Accessories

With compression and stabilization, bunions correction accessories apply gentle pressure to realign the big toe, gradually correcting its position. These accessories help alleviate pain, improve foot function, and slow down the progression of bunions.

As a brand that cares about the health of its users, Fivali has prepared corrective ankle braces for those who want to prevent bunions:

Fivali Ankle Wrap for Bunion Correction with Metal Support – 1 Pack


Fivali Ankle Wrap for Bunion Correction with Metal Support – 1 Pack


  • Skin-Friendly Material: Gentle on the skin, promotes comfort and prevents irritation.
  • Aluminum Strip to Provide Support: Incorporate a metal strip for enhanced toes correction and stability.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Wear: Designed to be lightweight for ease of use and maximum convenience during wear.


Fivali Ankle Brace for Bunion Correction with Adjustable Button – 1 Pack

Fivali Ankle Brace for Bunion Correction with Adjustable Button – 1 Pack


  • Thick EVA Thumb Pad: Offer a thick and cushioned EVA pad for added protection and comfort to the thumb area.
  • Metal Support: Sturdy metal structure provides additional support and stability to your big toes during movement and activities.
  • Compression Straps: The strap further secures thumb and prevents shifting.


How to Treat Bunions

In fact, commonalities exist between treatment and prevention methods, such as choosing the suitable shoes, not allowing the foot to be overworked, and using corrective Sprained Ankle Stabilizer. These methods are also part of the treatment. In addition to this, you can use ice packs to apply cold compresses to the affected area to reduce pain and inflammation. If your symptoms are very severe, it is important to seek medical attention and use medication or even undergo surgery under the guidance of your doctor.


Remember, healthy feet contribute to a healthier and more active lifestyle overall. By adopting these preventive measures, we can take proactive steps towards to prevent bunions and enjoy a happy live.


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