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Back health is closely related to our quality of life. Whether you are walking, sitting, bending, or lifting objects, you rely on the strength of the back muscles. However, poor lifestyle habits often lead to frequent back problems, such as hunchback, muscle strain, and lower back pain. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right solution for back problems.
Fivali back braces are great tools for maintaining a healthy back. These back relief products prevent muscle tension caused by prolonged sitting, provide stability when we exercise, maintain our proper sitting posture at work, and reduce the risk of injury when we lift heavy objects. Fivali back braces give you more confidence to enjoy a more active and pain-free life!

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Explore Our Different Back Braces

Image of Back braces for hot compress
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Back braces for hot compress
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Image of Back braces for posture correction
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Back braces for posture correction
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Back braces for sports
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Plus size back brace
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Suitable for
  • Physical labor crowds
  • lower back (waist)
  • People with poor posture
  • full back
  • Athletes
  • waist and hips/upper back/full back
  • Obese people
  • lower back (waist) /full back
Features & Advantages
  • Red light hot compress: Through promoting blood circulation and relaxing muscles, the best back brace for lower back pain helps to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • 3 Vibration massage: Promoting blood circulation and relieves muscle tension after prolonged sitting.
  • Intelligent touch screen: Making temperature and massage intensity control more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Thermal insulation and fast heating fabric: Providing immediate and fast waist comfort for laborers.
  • Extra lumbar support: Providing stable support to reduce lumbar pressure.
  • Reinforced support: Double support bars enhance support without restricting back movement.
  • Easy to use: Vest-like design and adjustable tightness enhance the comfort of full back support.
  • High-quality fabric: Soft and breathable fabric achieves maximum freedom of movement while maintaining stable support.
  • Widely applicable: The good back brace for posture can be used for correction of sitting and standing positions, relief of back pain, correction of the spine and hunchback, and other situations.
  • Soft and breathable shoulder pads: Used as cushioning during exercise to help stabilize muscles.
  • Elastic fabric: High elastic fabric ensures freedom and flexibility during sports and provides optimal back stability.
  • Adjustable tightness: The Velcro design of the back braces for sports ensures a secure and comfortable fit during exercise.
  • Anti-slip silicone strip: Always providing comfortable support for the waist and hips and promoting correct posture in the lumbar spine.
  • More size options: Specially designed for obese individuals, with a maximum available size of 6XL.
  • Flexible shoulder straps: Adjustable or detachable shoulder straps for different purposes.
  • Reinforced support: The wider waist design of back support for work enhances the support of the back and waist.
  • Easy to wear: Velcro and an integrated design allow users to wear it independently.
  • Comfortable fit: using ergonomic design and soft fabrics.
Product model
  • Fivali Heating Pad for Back Pain, Massage Body and Alleviate Fatigue
  • Fivali Lower Back Brace with Infrared Heating Provide Back Pain Relief
  • Fivali Back Brace Posture Corrector Shoulder Straightener for Men Women FBR03
  • Fivali Full Back Brace for Back Straighten and Posture Correction
  • Fivali Figure 8 Back Brace for Posture and Protection
  • Fivali Adjustable Back Supports Belts Provide Targeted Stability
  • Fivali Full Back Brace for Back Straighten and Posture Correction
  • Fivali Back Brace Posture Corrector Shoulder Straightener for Men Women FBR03
  • Fivali Back Belt Support FBR01
  • Fivali Back Belt FBR02

Optional 35- or 37- inches waist

Size range: XS-4XL

Waist and hips: Regular and plus size options
Upper back: S-L
Full back: S-2XL

Size range: XS-6XL

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How to Choose the Appropriate Size for Back Braces?

Step 1: Measure Waist

Maintain a relaxed state of the abdomen while standing.

Find your waist. It’s the narrowest part of your torso, usually located at or above the navel.

Wrap a measuring tape around your waist and keep the tape straight without being too tight or loose.

Read the tape and record the waist size.

Step 2: Measure Height

Standing barefoot on flat ground.

Stand with your back against the wall. Make sure your head, shoulders, and hips are touching the wall. 

Use a tape measure to measure the height from the head to the ground, ensuring that the ruler is parallel to the wall.

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