Product Features

1. Protective compression, yet very comfortable

2. Breathable Design: The unique knitting technology ensures that the knee pads are breathable and sweat-wicking.

3. Comfortable Fit: Silicone patellar gel pad surrounds the kneecap, reducing knee stress and vibration during jumping and landing.

4. Stability Support: Dual-sided spring stabilizers hug the knee joint, providing support to help stabilize the joint and distribute stress on the knee.

5. Securing: Anti-slip strips hold the knee support in place and prevent it from sliding or rolling up. Move freely, walk, run, jump or squat.

FIVALI Knee Brace Care

Before using your knee brace for the first time, it is essential to wash it. Do not use a washing machine, as this can compromise the fabric's structure and elasticity. Washing it by hand with mild detergent and cold water is recommended.

Gently squeeze out excess water and then air-dry it away from direct sunlight or heat sources to preserve its quality. Avoid ironing or using machine dryers, as these actions may cause the knee support's surface to scorch.

Frequently Asked Questions