Can Diverticulitis Cause Back Pain?

Can Diverticulitis Cause Back Pain?

Back pain is one such ailment that can affect us at some point in our lives. There are actually millions of people who are impacted by this condition, but there is no single cause of this pain. For you who are reading this page, the question you are googling is believed to be: Can diverticulitis cause back pain?
The short answer is yes, though persistent dull back pain is not a typical symptom. In such scenarios, your body might be sending the message of diverticulitis-related complications, or there can be other causes.  
This article will guide you through almost all the information you need to know about diverticulitis, addressing your doubts about “Can diverticulitis cause back pain?”. To know the primary causes of your back pain, let's move on to the next section.

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What is Diverticulitis?  

In order to fully understand this condition, we will need to dive deep into anatomy. Along the walls of the digestive tract, small and bulging pouches can develop, which are known as diverticula. You will mostly see these pouches in the lower part of the colon. When they get inflamed or infected, the resulting medical condition is known as diverticulitis.
Mostly, these pouches are harmless, but they can cause significant health issues if inflamed.
The common reasons behind the emergence of this medical condition include:
  • Dietary habits

  • Aging

  • Sedentary lifestyle

  • Obesity

But what are the signs of diverticulitis, and what is diverticulitis pain like? Let's see:

  • The abdominal pain is mostly chronic in this case and usually happens on the lower side of the abdomen.

  • Sudden changes in bowel habits like constipation

  • Fever often accompanied by chills

  • Nausea and vomiting (Less common)

There are different ways medical practitioners approach this condition. Some of the most common ways to diagnose this disease include:

  • Physical examinations

  • Blood test (to detect signs of infection)

  • Imaging studies like a CT scan (to get a detailed image of the colon and the extent of the inflammation)

There is no universal treatment for this disease. If the disease is not complicated, doctors can recommend dietary changes, antibiotics, and pain relievers. Rest and a liquid or low-fiber diet are also some of the suggested solutions in this case. However, if complications increase, the doctors resort to advanced tactics like IV antibiotics, drainage of any abscesses, and sometimes surgery to remove the affected portion of the colon.


Can Diverticulitis Cause Back Pain?

Now, let's settle the dust on the question: Can diverticulitis cause back pain? Usually, it is the complication(s) associated with diverticulitis that can result in back pain. The disease itself is not known for this. So, what diverticulitis-related complications can make your back hurt? The following in-depth analysis will help you find out some.

  • Abscess and Peritonitis

When you are worried about your back pain, you are possibly bothered by the emergence of abscesses in the affected region. An abscess forms when the infected diverticula creates a pus-filled pocket within the colon walls. If this abscess ruptures, it leads to the infection of the inner lining of the abdomen, which is also known as peritonitis. Due to this rupture, back pain occurs, which can be extremely severe at times.

  • Fistula

Individuals suffering from diverticulitis may develop an abnormal connection that forms between two organs, like the colon and the bladder. The consequences of these conditions are extremely severe. For instance, it can lead to chronic infection and irritation, with discomfort extending to the lower back. If your lower abdomen is impacted by the disease, this back pain can become unbearable at times.

  • Bowel Obstruction

In the case of bowel obstruction, there is a blockage preventing the passage of stool. This blockage can cause cramping abdominal pain and discomfort, which can possibly be reflected in the lower back part of the body.


Other Conditions with Similar Symptoms

Some other conditions, like pancreatitis and ovarian cysts, also have similar symptoms that can result in back pain. It means that the reason for your consistent back pain is not necessarily diverticulitis. You should turn to a professional to get the right diagnosis and receive the proper treatment.


How to Relieve Diverticulitis-Related Back Pain

Now you may have your answer to the question; the next step is to know what to do for diverticulitis-related back pain. Let's see below:

  1. Medication

The first solution is to get over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen that provide immediate relief for some patients. However, if you want to use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, that has to be done with extreme caution as it may disturb the gut. If you are suffering from inflammation and infection, doctors can also prescribe antibiotics.

  1. Rest

Sometimes, your body just needs some rest to get back to its rhythm. Give yourself a break, especially during a flare-up of diverticulitis. Avoiding strenuous activities to reduce the strain on the abdomen and back is the way to go.

  1. Diet Adjustments

When you switch to a liquid diet temporarily during acute diverticulitis attacks, it will ease up your colon. As the symptoms improve, you can eventually reintroduce low-fiber foods before transitioning fully to a high-fiber diet for a normal routine.

  1. Hydration

Good fluid intake improves your lifestyle. This is notably important when you are increasing dietary fiber, as fluids help fibers in doing their job more effectively.

  1. Moderate Exercise

Light physical activities, such as walking, can help promote digestion and ease constipation. However, avoid strenuous exercise during a diverticulitis attack.

  1. Heat Therapy

Applying a heating patch/pad to the lower back may help relax muscle spasms and alleviate back pain associated with diverticulitis. Heat improves circulation and can be significantly soothing for such pains.

  1. Surgical Treatment

If the dull ache is not eased with the methods mentioned above, maybe surgery is the last resort. Go to the doctor to have necessary examinations to check if the removal of the affected part is required.


Fivali Back Brace for Back Pain Recommendation

If your healthcare professional suggests trying heat therapy, Fivali may have the right tools to alleviate your back pain. Let's see two of our back braces that can provide heat and massage simultaneously.

1. Fivali Heating Pad for Back Pain, Massage Body and Alleviate Fatigue


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This Fivali heating pad has three levels of heating and vibration that let you control the intensity of the massage you want to receive.  It has a snug fit and a universal size that can fit perfectly on people up to 35 inches of the waist. The digital screen lets you control the temperature and vibration to get the best experience possible.

2. Fivali Lower Back Brace with Infrared Heating Provide Back Pain Relief


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This rechargeable Fivali brace is a wireless product that you can take wherever you go. It comes with a screen display that shows the battery power, heating temperature, and vibration level. When you have adjusted all the settings, just lock the screen to keep it from any accidental touches. The screen makes it easier to control the brace, even if you have no knowledge of these braces before. Also, the fabric is highly breathable, which does not compromise your ability to relax while wearing this brace.

Can diverticulitis cause back pain? Hopefully, this question no longer troubles you. The annoying back pain can hinder you from living a normal life, and proper treatment is important to eliminate it. Be aware of any sign that indicates diverticulitis-relevant complications. Additionally, other medical conditions can have similar symptoms, which require a professional checkup. If heat therapy and massage are what you need, visit Fivali, and you can have the best back brace for back pain.

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