Do Compression Socks Help With Foot Pain?

Do Compression Socks Help With Foot Pain?
Foot pain remains one of the most devastating reasons that hinder the ability of the affected individuals to live a normal life. Up to 30% of older people worldwide are affected by foot pain[1]. Some studies even suggest that 87% of people suffer from foot pain at least once in their life[2].
The moment you develop pain in your feet, your movement will be restricted drastically. As people find different solutions for this pain, many of them ask: do compression socks help with foot pain? The answer to this question is a resounding yes.
This article will help you learn the common causes of foot pain and guide you to avoid this pain, which can become chronic at times.
Fivali Compression Socks for Foot Pain - Guide


The Common Causes of Foot Pain

First, let's see what are the common causes of foot pain.

  • Flat Feet

Flat feet people do not have normal arches in their feet, which makes their entire feet touch the floor when they stand. This means that their body weight will not be distributed evenly on their feet, leading to discomfort in parts of the body during routine activities.
  • Plantar Fasciitis

When inflammation occurs in the tissue that connects your heel to your feet, the resulting condition is known as plantar fasciitis. This inflammation can cause sharp pain, mainly when your feet are held in one position for an extended period.

  • Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy often begins with pain or a tingling sensation in your limbs—arms, hands, legs, and feet. In severe cases, these body parts can lose consciousness. Moreover, the numbness may mask injuries, increasing the risk of unnoticed infections.
  • Other Possible Causes

There are some other causes as well that cause foot pain. For instance, fractures in the feet, arthritis, and overusing your feet in high-impact activities usually lead to pain.


Compression Socks: Basic Concepts and Roles

People suffering from foot pain try a lot of things to get rid of this condition and start living a normal life once again. That is why there is a common question among these people: Do compression socks help with foot pain? Well, yes, they do for the following reasons:
  • Reducing Swelling and Pain

A foot compression sleeve applies gentle pressure to your legs, aiding in the reduction of swelling. This pressure helps to facilitate the return of interstitial fluid from the feet and ankles, where it can accumulate and cause swelling.

  • Improving Circulation and Reducing Lactic Acid

Compression socks for foot pain enhance blood flow by creating a gradient of pressure that encourages blood to return to the heart, reducing blood stagnation in the veins. Elevated circulation delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which can assist in reducing the buildup of lactic acid, thereby minimizing muscle soreness and fatigue.

  • Supporting Foot and Calf Muscles

Compression socks help stabilize the feet and calves muscles by providing support and reducing vibrations during movement. This is a magical way to prevent fatigue, cramps, and foot injuries. Especially if you are likely to stand for a long time, these sleeves will help you do daily activities.
Indeed, the advantages of a foot compression sleeve provide a compelling answer to the question, "Do compression socks help with foot pain?" thereby establishing their effectiveness as a reliable solution.


Application Scenarios of Compression Socks

Which group of people do compression socks help with foot pain? Let's see.
  • Sports Enthusiasts

When sports enthusiasts are tired during and after intense exercise sessions, these sleeves improve blood circulation, which will help them avoid injury scare.

  • Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are very much prone to develop foot pain due to their increased body weight. However, compression socks provide much-needed relief to them by boosting better blood flow and decreasing edema. They help manage varicose veins and minimize the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

  • People Who Stand for Long Periods

Some people are required to stand for a significant portion of the day due to the nature of their jobs. So do compression socks help with foot pain for these individuals? Yes. These socks maintain proper blood circulation and reduce swelling in lower body parts that can easily be caused by prolonged standing.

Fivali Foot Compression Sleeve - Guide
  • Older Adults

As we age, the efficiency of blood circulation in our body tends to decrease. This is the reason why every one in three older adults suffers from continuous foot pain. However, old individuals who are asking do compression socks help with foot pain have good news. If you or your loved one suffers from such pain, a compression sleeve will prove highly consequential.

Selection Criteria for Compression Socks

In response to the question, "Do compression socks help with foot pain?" the answer is a clear yes. With this affirmation, consider these critical factors when choosing the right pair for your needs.
♢Material and Comfort
Look for socks made from high-quality and breathable fabrics such as nylon, spandex, or a blend of both.
♢Compression and Size
The level of compression and the correct size are also crucial to get the most out of the compression socks.Light compression (15-20 mmHg) is suitable for everyday wear and mild symptoms, while moderate to firm compression (20-30 mmHg or higher) is better for more severe conditions or post-surgery recovery.The answer to the oft-asked question, "Do compression socks help with foot pain?" is yes; it is necessary to follow these guidelines at every stage of your journey to get the most out of these socks.


Steps to Follow

Preparation Before Wearing

Make sure your legs and feet are clean and dry. Check for any skin conditions or injuries. Put on the socks early in the morning when swelling is minimal.

Precautions When Wearing

Avoid rolling or folding the tops of the socks. Make sure that the socks are evenly distributed without wrinkles. Remove socks if you experience pain or discomfort.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Wash the socks regularly, preferably after each use. Use mild detergent and cold water. Air dry the socks to maintain elasticity.

Replacement Cycle

Replace and change compression socks every 3 to 6 months,  depending on wear and tear. Inspect regularly for wear signs, such as thinning textiles or reduced elasticity.


Fivali Recommendation

The efficacy of the query "Do compression socks help with foot pain?" is also contingent upon the selection of the appropriate type of sleeves. Only the correct type of socks will make your feet comfortable. We developed highly effective compression sleeves that are proven to reduce foot pain.

Here are their two top products that do this job better than any other sleeve.

1. Fivali Ankle Sleeve for Running with Compression and Elasticity 

Our Fivali Ankle Sleeve for Running with Compression and Elasticity offers multiple benefits that are too hard to resist for anyone suffering from foot pain. They have an anti-slip edge design with double silicone gel strips to keep them in place during intense activities. They will also adapt according to the shape of your feet to provide you with a comfortable experience. Ankle support is another big plus of this compression sock.The benefits of our ankle sleeves do not end here. These socks relieve pain by reducing swelling, alleviating foot pain, eliminating the possibility of muscle strain, and providing relief from neuropathy through improved blood circulation.

2. Fivali Ankle Support 2 Pack FAR05

Fivali Foot Sleeve for Pain - Guide

Our Fivali Ankle Support 2 Pack FAR05 is yet another masterpiece that is famous for alleviating foot pain.

This foot sleeve for pain is manufactured to support natural foot movement and reduce slippage during daily activities, which will effectively help prevent ankle sprains. The anti-slip strips of these braces provide a secure and snug fit. Made from skin-friendly and elastic materials, these braces adapt to various foot shapes and sizes to deliver you a highly personalized and comfortable experience.

At Fivali, we are dedicated to supporting an active lifestyle by providing superior, affordable, and best compression socks for foot pain and other uses. With over ten years of experience, we have grown to be a trusted brand committed to supporting people to maintain fitness without the burden of pain. They help you embrace a lifestyle full of fitness and vitality where you do not have any limits that hinder your normal abilities.



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