How Long Does a Broken Thumb Take to Heal?

How Long Does a Broken Thumb Take to Heal?

Every day, you rely on your thumb. Numerous tasks rely on your thumb, including riding a bike, typing documents, and doing the dishes. The issue is that your thumb is quite weak. Think about how it sits in relation to the other fingers on your hand. How long does a broken thumb take to heal can be one of your first concerns if you have one. You can find answers in this article, such as how to know if I broke my thumb. We'll also discuss the possible causes of this injury and possible therapies for it.

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Symptoms of a Broken Thumb

If you ever asked how to know if I broke my thumb, then the first thing you should learn is the symptoms. There are a couple of symptoms that can happen. They usually develop soon after the injury.

  • Severe pain:You’ll definitely be in pain if you break your thumb. The pain may be localized. Some people experience pain that feels like it radiates toward their hands and wrists.
  • Swelling:Your body responds to injury. This results in inflammation. You can expect to see swelling on your thumb and the surrounding area if you’ve broken the bone. Swelling also happens if you fracture your thumb.
  • Deformity of the thumb:If there’s a deformity, it could mean you’ve got a more serious break on your hands. Your thumb may be in an unnatural position after the injury.

Causes of a Broken Thumb

There are many reasons why you could break your thumb. However, the most common of these causes tend to include:

  • Falling:If you fall directly onto your hand, it could result in a broken thumb. This is especially the case if your thumb points outwards as you fall. How far and hard you fall will play a role here.
  • Sports injuries: These kinds of injuries are also frequently seen in sports. Playing contact sports increases your risk of breaking or fracturing bones in your hand and thumb. This kind of damage is still possible in sports that aren't in contact, like tennis.
  • Bone diseases: Do you have osteoporosis? Or maybe another kind of bone disease? If the answer is yes, then these are thingsthat also make you more likely to have a broken thumb.[1] That’s because bone conditions actually make these parts of your body more fragile.

Time for a Broken Thumb to Heal

How long does it take for the broken thumb to heal - this is probably the first question you’ll have once you know what the situation is. Each person is unique. A fractured thumb may heal more slowly for some people than for others. Six to eight weeks is the most typical response given when someone asks how long it takes for a fractured thumb to recover.[2] With the right care, yes. The time it takes for the fractured thumb to heal may increase if you ignore it. In addition, failing to take the proper action after breaking your thumb bone could result in difficulties.


Treatment Options for a Broken Thumb

It's critical to understand your treatment choices if you have a broken thumb. Sometimes, there's just a small crack, nothing major. Nevertheless, a problem still exists that needs to be resolved. Options range from non-surgical to surgical. To assess the severity, your physician must examine the thumb. This covers requesting imaging tests, such as X-rays. This test helps your doctor determine whether your thumb bone is broken. They can then tell you what the best option is going forward. After you discuss treatment, you can then also ask your doctor how long does a broken thumb take to heal.

1. Surgical Treatments

You might require surgery if your fractured thumb is more serious. There are primarily two categories of operations that are applicable. It all depends, of course, on the circumstances and the manner in which the bone shattered.

  • Internal fixation: If your physician advises internal fixation surgery, it will entail the implantation of certain devices in your thumb. Plates, screws, cables, and pins are a few examples of this. This method helps maintain the proper alignment of your bone so that healing proceeds as intended. It also aids in preventing future abnormalities.
  • External fixation: With this kind of surgery, there will be fixation devices that the doctor places outside of your thumb. This also helps to keep your thumb in the right position. It promotes healing. [3]

2. Non-Surgical Treatments

Not every situation calls for surgery. In certain situations, your doctor might suggest these non-surgical options:

  • Splint immobilization of the thumb: A splint helps to keep your thumb in a fixed position. This is important to ensure the bone heals properly. It also ensures you don’t have deformities when the bone is healed.
  • Plaster immobilization: Immobilizing your thumb is also a great non-surgical treatment. The purpose is similar to a splint. It uses a plaster solution to make sure you don’t move your thumb.
  • Ice application:This one won’t actually help to immobilize your thumb. But, when you have a broken thumb, it’s going to hurt. That’s why applying an ice pack can help. It reduces swelling and will also make the pain go away temporarily. Don’t apply ice directly to your skin. That can burn and make things worse. Wrap ice in a towel if you don’t have an ice pack that’s used for this specific purpose.

Best Thumb Braces From Fivali

You should have a better idea of how long does a broken thumb take to heal. However, you must ensure you have proper strategies to speed up recovery. If you’re looking to get a thumb brace, then these are some of the best options from Fivali:

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The Fivali FWR01 is the ideal pick if you want to protect your thumb. It’s great for people who type a lot and for those who use their hands during sports. Think tennis, for example. There’s a built-in metal support that comes with the splint brace. Apart from offering protection, this splint brace is also great for cases when you need to recover your thumb from an injury. The support it offers is great to help keep your thumb in position while it’s healing.

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If you need a greater level of support, then the Fivali FWR02 is perfect. It covers your wrist and about half of your hand. There’s a part of the brace that also provides excellent coverage for your thumb. Breathable materials ensure the brace is very comfortable to wear. There’s also a stabilization strap that focuses specifically on your thumb. This makes it an ideal choice if you’re recovering from a thumb injury, including fractures. You also get to choose from black, grey, beige, and pink colors.

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Whether you’ve got a broken thumb or simply need some extra support when playing sports, you need a brand that’s trusted and proven. Fivali has been in the business for over 10 years. With Fivali, you get access to essential braces and supportive gear. Their equipment is great for healing, recovery, and protection. Start by browsing through the selection of braces that can help you feel better.



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