How Long to Wear Back Brace for Compression Fracture?

How Long to Wear Back Brace for Compression Fracture?

A back compression fracture occurs when the small vertebrae of the spinal column break or crack, weakening and collapsing onto themselves. The vertebrae become shorter in height, often causing pieces of the bone to press against the spinal cord and nerves while also reducing the flow of blood and oxygen through the spinal cord.
There are many causes of back compression fractures. The most common include injuries to the spine (from direct impact or sports), tumors in the spine, or osteoporosis (the weakening and thinning of bones). Following a compression fracture, you may feel severe pain in the middle and lower spine, the spine may develop a hunched curvature, and you may lose height over time. Back relief products such as a back brace for back fracture is typically used for recovery. This is why timely diagnosis and treatment are essential to restore optimal health and balance.

Fivali Back Compression Fracture - Guide


Healing After a Back Compression Fracture

Most compression fractures will take around eight to ten weeks to fully heal, with rest and rehabilitation and wearing a back brace for back fracture. However, if the compression fracture is severe, it may demand surgical intervention, therefore prolonging the recovery period up to three months.

Stage One: Initial Inflammatory

The first healing phase is the initial inflammatory phase, right after your injury, during which the blood vessels may break, forming a hematoma. The purple bruising you see under the skin is usually the result of hematoma formation, the excess blood seeping out from blood vessels that collect under the skin. The inflammatory reaction further stimulates the release of fibroblasts and chondroblasts necessary for primary callus formation. This initial healing phase can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. You may be encouraged to wear a back brace for L1 compression fracture.

Stage Two: Soft Callus Formation

Right after the inflammatory phase comes the reparative soft callus formation phase, during which the primary callus formed turns into a softer bony callus. Osteoprogenitor cells work on the soft callus to stabilize and support the fracture site.  Without adequate support, the soft callus may easily deform or bend; hence, wearing a back brace for back fracture during recovery is recommended.

Stage Three: Hard Callus Formation and Remodeling

Over the next few weeks, the soft callus develops into a hard, bony callus. The hard callus is not as strong as bone but is sufficient to withstand external force. The final remodeling phase is the longest, and it can take anywhere from months to even a year. During this time, the hard callus is remodeled into a mature bone, the external callus that is no longer needed is discarded, and the fracture site is remodeled into an almost perfect new vertebrae.

Fivali l1 Compression Fracture - Guide


Back Brace for Quicker Recovery

Compression fracture recovery typically includes pain relief medication, bone-strengthening medications, and a back brace for back fracture to stabilize the bones during recovery. The back brace is essential as it will help limit movement of the spine during the recovery period. It will further help prevent pain, discomfort, or further injury to the recovering vertebrae. How long to wear back brace for compression fracture? You may need to wear it for six to twelve weeks or until the pain alleviates.

Fivali Fitness offers a wide range of medical back brace designs for spinal support. Every back brace for back fracture is designed to support your healing vertebrae, relieve pain by correcting posture, and stabilize the spine during compression fracture healing.


Dos and Don’ts During Recovery from Back Compression Fracture

Proper care during the recovery period will have you back in shape earlier than expected. Here are the dos and don’ts for compression fracture recovery:



  • Do eat a variety of healthy foods
  • Maintain low-impact activities such as walking
  • Wear a back brace for back fracture to support and stabilize the spine
  • Maintain use of pain medication prescribed to you


  • Don’t smoke
  • Avoid exercise and high-impact activities for the first six weeks
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights


Your specialist may further prescribe rehabilitation exercises to follow.


Rehabilitation Exercises and Physical Therapy

Here are the expected rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy you may be recommended during the recovery period. Early rehabilitation can help prevent joint stiffness and weakness, promote blood flow, and strengthen the back muscles.

  • Elbows Back in Sitting

Keep yourself seated on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Keep your back straight and pull the elbows backward. Hold the position before you bring them to the front again. This exercise will help improve the posture and strengthen the back muscles. Repeat the exercise ten to fifteen times for the complete benefits.

  • Trunk Mobility in Sitting

This exercise focuses on strengthening the trunk and back muscles through controlled rotations. Keep the arms at a ninety-degree angle with the elbows even to the shoulders. Keep the core tight as you twist your torso to the left, back to the center, and to the right. Hold for thirty seconds and take deep breaths before you repeat to the other side. These seated twists are ideal for helping you target your core, increase spinal mobility, and improve spinal flexibility.  

  • Four-Point Kneeling with Transversus Abdominis

Get over a soft surface for this exercise and position yourself on all fours. Place your wrists under the shoulders, and position the knees under the hips. Maintain a soft bend in the elbows with the pelvis in a neutral position. Now, tighten your abdominal muscles by breathing in and pulling up your pelvic floor. Hold and concentrate on keeping your back still and your stomach tight. Hold for a few seconds and repeat. This exercise will help strengthen the core and engage the deep abdominal muscles.

  • Four-Point Kneeling with One Arm and Leg Lift

Again, you should get over a soft surface and climb onto all fours, maintaining the positioning we explained in the previous exercise. However, for this exercise, you will add a small variation. Without moving your back, slowly lift out one arm in front of you and the opposite leg behind you. Hold for a few seconds, then repeat the process with the opposite pair. This exercise also promotes core stability and builds balance throughout the body.

Fivali Exercises for Back Compression Fracture - Guide
  • Bridging in Supine

Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet placed on the floor at least hip-width apart. Slowly lift your hips towards the ceiling while keeping your shoulders on the ground. Hold for a few seconds, and then lower your hips back down before you repeat. This exercise is meant to build trunk stability and strengthen the hip extensors.

  • Hip Extension in Prone

Lie flat on your stomach, keeping your legs straight. Now raise your leg a few inches off the floor, keeping your knees straight. Lower the leg back before you move to the opposite leg. Repeat as many times as instructed. This is a great exercise for strengthening the leg hamstrings and keeping your lower body in shape.

  • Seated Row with Dumbbells

Sit over a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Keep your elbows close to your body and your back straight. In each hand, hold dumbbells, pull them towards your torso, and squeeze the shoulder blades as you do so. Once again, hold the position before you pull out the dumbbells to the starting point. Repeat as needed. This exercise will help you build the shoulder muscles and strengthen the upper back.

Fivali is the leading manufacturer of healthcare and rehabilitation gear designed to keep you in shape, prevent injuries, and allow you to recover quickly. We offer a wide range of back brace for back fracture that provide your back with the support it needs for recovery, adequate stabilization, and pain relief. Explore our website for more information and check out our back brace for back fracture!

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