Tennis Elbow Brace vs Compression Sleeve: How to Choose

Fivali Tennis Elbow Brace vs Compression Sleeve: How to Choose - Guide

Elbow discomfort commonly affects athletes and active individuals. Whether from repetitive motion or swelling/injury, relief is a priority. Tennis elbow braces and compression sleeves aim to protect and aid healing but vary in design and intended use. This article provides an overview of tennis elbow brace vs compression sleeve to help you choose the suitable option.



What is a Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow happens slowly from using your forearm muscles too much. The pain is usually caused by inflammation in the tendon between your forearm and elbow.

Quick Stats and Facts

Tennis elbow is one of the most commonly seen causes of elbow pain. Experts estimate that people with tennis elbows make up around 3% of the general population each year. However, less than 10% of people who develop tennis elbow get it from playing tennis, as repetitive movements at tasks like painting, plumbing, butchering, or typing can also increase the risk of tennis elbow.

Common Symptoms for Self-Check on Tennis Elbow

  • Symptoms can include:
  • Swelling and burning elbow
  • Stiffness in the elbow joint
  • Pain or tenderness on the elbow, especially the outer side of the elbow
  • Pain worsens when the forearm muscle or wrist is extended in gripping, twisting, or lifting
  • Pain extending from the elbow down to the forearm



Treatment For Tennis Elbow

If you suspect an elbow symptom that just won't go away, you should see a physical therapist. Before taking any exercise or meds on your own, first, pinpoint the source of pain and the muscle or tendon inflammation degrees through a professional physical examination.

Treatments for tennis elbow can include rest, ice therapy, compression, physical therapy, and bracing. For example, braces that provide special support to the outside of the elbow are ideal choices for tennis elbow treatment.

How do Tennis Elbow Braces Work?

Tennis elbow pain can seriously affect the normal work and life schedule, yet the healing process can be slow. Movement and strengthening exercises can aid in healing. Doctors generally recommend pursuing elbow support for tennis elbow pain relief and treatment while you go about your daily activities.

Compression and Alignment: The brace applies targeted compression through straps and pads to the forearm muscles and tendons, which helps to stabilize the elbow joint during movements and maintain proper bio-mechanical alignment to prevent further injury.

Support and Offloading: The braces help you improve the coordination of different muscles in the forearm. By offloading stress from the affected tendons and evenly distributing the forces across the forearm, the brace allows for pain relief and promotes healing.

Tennis Elbow Brace VS Compression Sleeve: Comparison and Selection

To choose the best elbow support, analyzing tennis elbow brace vs compression sleeve in detail is crucial. The following aspects highlight their differences and evaluate how they compare:



Design and Structure

Braces may include padded or gel inserts for targeted pressure and adjustable straps for customizable fit and level of compression. Elbow compression sleeves are a whole forearm design in a seamless and stretchable fabric. It comes in various lengths to offer flexibility in coverage but does not have straps for adjustable compression.

Mechanism of Action

Braces can exert localized pressure through padded supports to specific areas and provide right-on-spot pain relief and support. Moreover, braces, with their enhanced design, offer better joint stability and alignment. Sleeves put uniform compression support along the entire forearm and elbow region to reduce swelling and encourage blood flow.

Intended Scenarios and Conditions

Tennis elbow support braces are good for outside elbow pains that require targeted compression and pain relief. It is also an ideal choice for use during repetitive activities with heightened support and stabilization. Sleeves are good for reducing muscle vibration and fatigue, enhancing performance and preventing elbow injuries during exercise, sports, and daily activities.

FAQ on Tennis Elbow Brace

1. Where Do You Wear Tennis Elbow Brace?
Wear the brace on the forearm of the arm experiencing pain, with the adjustable straps or compression pads positioned snugly below the elbow joint.

2. How To Wear Tennis Elbow Brace?
First, slide the brace onto your forearm and position the padded area over the aching spot on the outside of your elbow. Adjust any additional straps or compression pads according to your comfort level. The brace should feel supportive but not restrictive.

3. Should I Wear a Tennis Elbow Brace to Sleep?
Wearing a tennis elbow brace at night can provide support and compression, reducing pain and discomfort while promoting healing. This can be especially helpful for people with sleeping position habits where arms are put overhead, as studies have found [1]. While considering wearing at night, you should prioritize comfort, avoid excessive tightness, and ensure proper positioning to maximize effectiveness.

4. What Is the Best Brace for Tennis Elbow?
The best brace for tennis elbow depends on individual needs and preferences. Look for one with adjustable compression and comfortable padding, and consider consulting a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations based on your situation.

Recommended Tennis Elbow Braces from Fivali

(1) Fivali Knitted Compression Elbow Support Braces with Silicone Padding - 2 Pack


  • A two-in-one solution combining a sleeve with a brace to balance pain relief and movement.
  • Dual-sided silicone padding for enhanced comfort and protection
  • Soft and breathable knitted fabric for a superior wearing experience
  • Elastic design for optimal flexibility and comfort
  • Whole elbow compression for versatile injury prevention

(2) Fivali Elbow Brace for Prevention with Adjustable Straps - 2 Pack


  • Removable aluminium support for extra elbow joint stability and support
  • Three-layer adjustable compression strap to customize your comfort level
  • Breathable fabric to stay cool and dry
  • Hook and loop closure to ensure secure and reliable fastening

Visit the Fivali website to learn more about our expansive tennis elbow support offering and choose the one that’s best for you!

[1] Evaluation of Sleep Position for Possible Nightly Aggravation and Delay of Healing in Tennis Elbow. Available at (Accessed on February 20th, 2024)


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