What Are Fallen Arches?

What Are Fallen Arches?

Our feet act as the foundation that bears the weight of our entire body. They are essential for maintaining equilibrium and stability and absorbing stress when moving. Crucial to this support structure is the arch, a curving structure that runs the length of the inside of the foot. But in some instances, this arch may collapse or flatten, resulting in fallen arches, another name for flat feet.
What are fallen arches exactly? The arch of a healthy foot distributes weight uniformly throughout the foot and offers stability, much like a natural spring. However, when the tendons and ligaments that support the arch weaken or stretch excessively, the arch may descend, leading to complete ground contact with the foot's sole.

Fivali Ankle Brace for Fallen Arches - Guide


The Causes of Flat Feet

Falling arches can be caused by several things: 

✦ Genetic Factors

Some people inherit a weaker arch structure from their parents and are genetically inclined to flat feet.

✦Congenital Factors

Congenital disorders can also result in aberrant foot development, which can cause fallen arches from birth.

✦ Acquired Factors

However, acquired variables may contribute to increased fallen arches later in life. Among them are:

  • Foot fatigue: The arches may experience considerable strain from prolonged standing or walking, which, over time, may cause them to flatten.
  • Changes in physical conditions: Obesity and weight growth, in particular, can increase the stress on the foot and cause arch collapse. Similarly, hormonal changes and weight gain during pregnancy might result in a brief body flattening.
  • Changes in foot structure caused by trauma or diseases: Foot and ankle injuries, such as sprains or tears in the ligaments, can harm the supporting tissues of the arch.


Impact of Flat Feet on the Lower Limbs

Even though fallen arches by themselves might not necessarily hurt right away, they can nonetheless have a significant effect on the lower extremities. Falling arches can change the foot's biomechanics, which can result in:
  • Foot pain:The most typical complaint is arch pain, which is more likely to occur after extended activity. Additionally, the forefoot and heel may experience pain.
  • Knee pain: Leg misalignment brought on by fallen arches can place excessive strain on the knees. Knee joint pain and stiffness may result from this.
  • Hip and back pain: The misalignment brought on by flat feet can radiate up the kinetic chain, resulting in lower back and hip pain.


The Role of Flat Feet Braces for Fallen Arches

Understanding the critical question "What are fallen arches?" is essential to recognizing the benefits of flat feet braces. A flat-foot ankle brace can be a valuable tool in managing arch fractures by providing several key benefits. Here is a detailed overview of each of these benefits.

Fivali Foot Brace for Flat Feet - Guide

✓ Stability Improvement and Injury Prevention

Fallen arches (or flat feet) can increase the risk of injury. When walking or running, the foot may slide excessively within the shoe, leading to unease and potential damage to the foot's structure. In this condition, a flat feet braces can offer a more secure and supportive fit, helping to realign the foot, minimizing overpronation, and distributing pressure more evenly across the foot. Therefore, the chances of falls or missteps will be decreased.

✓ Pain Relief

Pain relief is the main benefit of flat feet braces for those with arch fractures. These foot braces for flat feet provide targeted support and control of the arch and surrounding tissue, significantly reducing discomfort. The compression component of flat feet braces also helps fix inflammation and maintain relief.

✓ Assisted Correction

Some ankle brace for fallen arches are designed to help progressively straighten the broken arches. These specialty flat feet braces typically have built-in arch supports or adjustable straps. Assisted Correction can be tightened over time to promote the natural formation of the arch. Doing so helps maintain the arch in a more anatomically correct position.
Overall, understanding what fallen arches are and the role of flat feet braces is essential to effectively manage this condition. Not only do flat feet braces provide immediate benefits in terms of stability, but they can also relieve pain and improve foot health over the long term.


Introduce Fivali Flat Feet Braces

What are fallen arches? Those who have flat foot problems know this question very well. Changes in foot biomechanics can lead to pain, instability, and even injury. A flat feet brace is essential for providing stability and support to help manage the condition effectively. We offer the best ankle braces for fallen arches for collapsed arches with its durable and long-lasting models.

1. Fivali Ankle Support Brace 1 Pack FAH04

Our Fivali Ankle Support Brace 1 Pack FAH04 features X-type splint straps that provide targeted compression and support for the arch and ankle joints. The heel design allows plenty of movement while maintaining stability, making it an excellent choice for everyday or casual activities. The breathable mesh fabric ensures you are comfortable and hydrated throughout the day.

Fivali Flat Foot Ankle Brace - Guide

2. Fivali Lace Up Ankle Stabilizer 1 Pack FAH03

The Fivali Lace Up Ankle Stabilizer 1 Pack FAH03 offers a winning solution for those looking for a great fit and enhanced support. This flat feet braces equips with a rotary knob that allows for precise adjustment in tightness, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. It also incorporates a dual-spring support system, adding extra strength to help prevent ankle inversion and twisting (common issues associated with broken arches).
Our flat feet braces both offer excellent support for drooping arches. Still, the best choice depends on your specific needs and activity level. The Fivali Ankle Support Brace 1 Pack FAH04  is ideal for everyday wear or casual activities.  Fivali Lace Up Ankle Stabilizer 1 Pack FAH03 offers an adjustable and supportive style for those who need more power, especially during sporting activities.

The Prevention and Daily Care of Flat Feet

Understanding "what fallen arches" is crucial for effectively preventing and managing this condition. Here are some critical strategies for prevention and daily care:

✧ Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being overweight would place a lot of stress on your feet, which can exacerbate the condition of fallen arches. Keeping a healthy weight helps to reduce this pressure, thereby preventing further collapse of the arches and relieving the associated discomfort.

✧ Strengthen Foot Muscle Training

Regular exercises that target the leg muscles can dramatically improve their strength and function. Activities such as toe curls, arch raises, heel raises, etc.

✧ Choose Suitable Shoes and Insoles

Supportive shoes with adequate arch support are instrumental in evenly distributing the weight across the foot, thereby reducing stress on the arches. Addressing the query "What are fallen arches," this approach is crucial as it offers the necessary support to preserve the foot's arches and mitigate the associated issues.

✧ Massage Foot Muscles

Regular foot massage can aid in relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation, which is beneficial for relieving foot tension and promoting overall foot health.

✧ Regularly Check Foot Health

Routine self-examinations and professional check-ups are essential for early detection of any issues related to flat feet. Monitoring changes in foot shape or discomfort levels can help in taking timely action and seeking appropriate treatment.
At Fivali, the question "What are fallen arches?" and their impact on daily life is well understood. We offer a range of high-quality flat feet braces and other foot health products. For those seeking preventative measures or solutions to manage existing fallen arches, we are your partner in maintaining strong, stable, and comfortable feet. Please visit our website to browse the full range of products. Take control of your foot health and experience the difference we make.

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