What’s the Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball Players to Prevent Injuries?

Fivali What’s the Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball Players to Prevent Injuries-Guide

Approximately 6.9 million people participated in volleyball in the United States in 2023.[1] Do you like to play volleyball? However, this game may hurt your ankle. If you wish to avoid getting injured, braces are an excellent option. They lessen your chance of getting hurt. However, how do you choose the best ankle brace for volleyball? That's what this guide will look at. 

Fivali best ankle brace for volleyball-Guide


Prevalence of Ankle Injuries in Volleyball

Among people who get hurt playing volleyball, 41% of events are ankle injuries. [2]  In 79% of cases, ankle injuries during volleyball games are recurrent.[3] If you hurt yourself badly, it could even end your professional career.

To make sure injuries don't get in the way of volleyball games, prevention is essential. Support is crucial when playing volleyball. The best ankle brace for volleyball limits certain movements. It also improves your foot posture. These are things you don’t necessarily think of.


Should Volleyball Players Wear Ankle Braces

Let’s consider why these braces are important in a game of volleyball.


  • Injury Prevention

A research paper in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy looked at how often injuries happen in athletes (focusing on the ankle). There were 71 articles that they reviewed. The researchers suggest that the best ankle brace for volleyball is very effective at injury prevention. [4]

  • Enhanced Performance

A scientific study wanted to see if ankle bracing could impact your performance. They found that it doesn’t have any negative effects. You have better awareness of your ankle with these braces on. [5]

  • Help Quick Recovery Post-Injury

The best ankle brace for volleyball helps make a recovery go by faster. In fact, a paper suggests it’s great for people who need to return to play after a sprain.[6] They reviewed elite college athletes during the study.


Selecting the Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball

Ankle compression sleeves and braces come in different forms and designs. How to pick the best one? You should consider the following things:


  1. Material Considerations

The materials should be breathable and lightweight. This helps to ensure your feet don’t sweat more than usual. It also adds to the comfort of the brace or sleeve. If you have sensitive skin, choose the best ankle brace for volleyball that is hypoallergenic and free from potential allergens.

  1. Support Level

Consider how much support the brace offers. It should be appropriate based on your personal needs.

  • Light Support: Suitable for players with mild ankle concerns or those who simply want a bit of added stability.
  • Moderate Support: Ideal for players with moderate ankle issues but still require a good range of motion.
  • Maximum Support: Designed for players with severe ankle injuries. They provide the highest level of stability but may lack some flexibility. 
  1. Size and Fit

Make sure the brace will properly fit your body. Opt for an adjustable brace. They give you the ability to customize the fit.

  1. Reinforcement Features

Look for braces with additional reinforcements like stabilizers, straps, or padded areas that provide extra protection to vulnerable areas of the ankle. These features can enhance the overall support and protection offered by the brace.

  1. Price vs. Quality

Consider how the price compares to the quality. A cheap option may be made from poor-quality materials. Spending a little more (compared to the cheapest one) can give you better results.


Proper Fitting and Usage of Ankle Braces

Ensure that you understand how to wear an ankle brace correctly. There are four crucial actions that you should take:

  1. Preparation: Start by making sure your ankle is ready. This may mean cleaning the area. Take the brace out of its packaging and read through the instructions.
  2. Positioning: The position of the brace is important and depends on the design. Refer to the manual to see how you should position it.
  3. Fitting: Next, you have to properly fit the brace on your ankle. It may need to go over your heel and foot. At this point, it’s important to ensure it fits comfortably without putting too much pressure on your ankle.
  4. Adjustments: Finally, make some adjustments to the fit.


The Best Ankle Brace for Volleyball Players

When choosing the best ankle brace for volleyball, you should also know more about the role that these braces play in protecting your ankles during volleyball. Fivali has some of the top-rated options, so let’s take a look at what we offer.


1. Fivali Ankle Brace for Bunion Pain Relief with Aluminum Plate - 1 Pack

Your foot and ankle will receive additional support from this brace thanks to an aluminum plate. Because of the breathable materials used, you won't have to worry about sweating too much. Additionally, the material is lightweight. The brace is great if you have problems with your bunion. The heel strap features an adjustable design. This means you can easily make adjustments to ensure the brace offers a supportive fit for your foot. This ankle brace for volleyball is also affordable, priced at $20.99 per piece.

Fivali ankle brace with aluminum plate-Guide


2. Fivali Inflatable Ankle Splint with Air Bag - 1 Pack

If you experience ankle pain and pressure, especially following an injury, then you need a good quality splint. The Fivali Inflatable Ankle Splint comes with a built-in airbag that lets you customize the level of compression it offers. The heel band is fully adjustable as well. This helps you get a personalized fit when you wear the splint. The brace costs $43.99, which makes it a cost-effective, high-quality option.


Fivali Inflatable ankle brace with airbag-Guide


3. Fivali Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer Brace 1 Pack FAH02

When support during a game is important, then the Fivali FAH02 is a great choice. It comes with two side panels. This helps to give you a great level of support. The materials are stretchable and breathable, which means the brace takes comfort seriously. A slim design ensures you can wear this stabilizer brace with any type of shoe. Of course, that includes the shoes you wear during a game of volleyball.

Fivali Adjustable ankle brace for volleyball-Guide


4. Fivali Ankle Brace Support with Rotatable Adjustment Button - 1 Pack

Support during recovery is important if you hurt your ankle. The Fivali Ankle Brace Support features a rotating button that allows you to easily make adjustments to the level of support it provides. You can wear this one on a daily basis. It helps with foot and ankle pain. The brace is also lightweight.

Fivali Adjustable Fivali Ankle Brace with Rotating Knob-Guide


Volleyball players should ensure they offer support for their ankles during these games. The volleyball ankle braces from Fivali Fitness give you a comfortable way to protect your ankles. They use only the best quality materials. You’ll find braces for more than just your ankles, such as the elbows, shoulders, and more at Fivali.



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