How to Achieve Elegant Golf: Golfer’s Elbow Braces

Fivali How to Achieve Elegant Golf: Golfer’s Elbow Braces- Guide

25.6 million[1] people in the US participated in golf in 2022. With that many people hitting the course, it’s no surprise that golf is a widely popular sport that offers many benefits.

Learning to play golf can indeed be one of the most rewarding experiences. Golf presents a unique combination of mental and physical challenges to the players that require patience and critical thinking, adding to its appeal.

Despite its popularity, many players face physical challenges, like golfer’s elbow, also known as Medial epicondylitis. Fortunately, golfer's elbow braces are available to provide support to the affected area and reduce discomfort.

Let us look into the details of golfer’s elbow braces and their importance.

Fivali elbow brace for golfers elbow - Guide


Golf Industry Facts

The United States has a rich history of golfing. It dates back to the twentieth century when the US opened its first golf course. Today, it has grown immensely in number, even across various countries. Golf is loved so much that it is now a major spectacle. The PGA Championship is one of the four majors for professional players. There’s even a separate LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) for women.

As golf has become more widespread, it has a direct impact of $101.7 billion on the economy, with an increase of 20% from the $84.1 billion in 2016[2]. These stats suggest that golf is contributing more to the US economy than it has ever in the past.

There’s no doubt that theres a strong golfing tradition in the US. Things are nothing different in other countries around the globe. Estimates suggest that there are over 450 Million[3] golf fans globally who either watch tournaments, play this sport occasionally, or simply enjoy this game. It has grown so much that the recorded number of people who play this game for the first time in 2023 is about 3.4 million[4].

With the surge in its popularity, there’s another notable concern among players; the medical condition, which is called Golfer’s Elbow. It is generally characterized by pain and inflammation on the inner side of the elbow. It's a serious issue as it impacts golfers of all skill levels and might hinder them from playing temporarily. But we have a non-invasive solution to this problem: golfer’s elbow braces. An elbow brace applies pressure on the specific underarm muscles that help relieve the tendon insertion of these muscles on the joint.


Elegance and Challenges of Golf

Fivali the main swing work in golf - Guide

1) Mechanics and Aesthetics of the Golf Game

The aesthetic appeal of golf lies in its swing and, of course, the landscape that comes with golf courses. They are maintained well and give visual pleasure. While the aesthetics of golf are unmatchable, so are the mechanics. It is complex.

Golf demands a good grip to ensure the clubface is square at impact to ensure perfect shots. This is followed by stance, which is another aspect of the golf swing. The body and feet should be positioned such that they provide balance during the swing.

And now comes the important component of golf mechanics, that is, the swing. It is actually a series of movements, including backswing, downswing, and follow-through. Each of these movements requires precise control over power, which is one reason why Golfer’s Elbow is so common among golf players.

2) Common Elbow Problems in Golf

The following are the common elbow problems in golfers:

  • Tendinitis: This condition is characterized by inflammation or irritation of a tendon.
  • Golfer’s Elbow: In this condition, there's pain and inflammation on the inner side of the elbow. Repetitive stress of gripping and swinging results in the golfer's elbow.
  • Olecranon Bursitis: It refers to the inflammation of the bursa. The bursar's function is to enable the bony olecranon to glide smoothly across the overlying tissues.
  • Lateral Epicondylitis: It is also called Tennis Elbow, but it affects golfers as well. It is characterized by pain on the outer side of the elbow.


The Importance of Golfer's Elbow Braces

Golfer's elbow braces are a common and essential part of golf safety gear, offering numerous advantages. Here’s how golfer elbow braces can help you:

Fivali best elbow brace for golfer’s elbow - Guide

1. Injury Prevention

A constant strain is put on the tendons and muscles around the elbow joint due to the repetitive motion of swinging a golf ball. This movement causes inflammation and microtears in the long run. This is where golfer’s elbow braces prove to be an effective gear for injury prevention among golfers. An elbow brace supports the muscles and tendons of the player to evenly distribute the stress across the joint.

In addition, having a golfer’s elbow braces makes a golfer more conscious of their movements and avoids unnecessary strain. This helps a golfer in injury prevention.

2. Performance Improvement

By using golfer’s elbow braces, a golfer can expect improvement in performance. The elbow brace stabilizes the elbow joint and supports it well. That said, golfers can have controlled and more consistent swings. Elbow stability allows for precise shots, while the reduction in forearm muscle vibration makes the swings smoother.

Golfers who use golfer’s elbow braces clearly observe the improvement in their elbow comfort. And since golf players have to spend hours practicing on a golf club, it’s natural to experience discomfort in the elbow. However, high-quality elbow braces provide comfort even during long practice sessions. 

3. Pain Relief

The best elbow brace for golfers elbow is the one that provides compression to the injured area. Compression that does not aggravate the injury allows better blood circulation, provides relief from pain, reduces swelling, and maintains an environment for healing. This way, golfers can continue to play without intensifying their condition.

These braces can be worn in all phases of the game, no matter the practice phase or competition. All in all, wearing the best brace for golfers elbow allows you to engage in daily golf activities with great ease.

4. Psychological Support

Golfer’s elbow braces relax a player as they know that their elbow is well supported. With that, a player has psychological support that reduces their anxiety. This is essentially important in professional matches where golfers need peace of mind to focus on the game strategy and performance.

Golfers need just golfer’s elbow braces to feel a boost in confidence. This confidence is enough to help you survive tough competitions where mental toughness is equally important as physical skills.


Fivali's Hot-selling Golfer Elbow Braces

Whether you are a professional golfer or an occasional player, you need the best golfer’s elbow braces to prevent any injuries to your elbow. Fivali Tennis Elbow Brace 2 Pack FER09 is just the right brace that is equipped with shock-absorbing padding, comfortable fabric, and adjustable straps. If you are looking for a skin-friendly comfortable fabric that provides assistance during golfing or exercise, Fivali Elbow Strap for Sports Lightweight and Supportive is the way to go.


This guide thoroughly describes the importance of golfer’s elbow braces and how they can help prevent the common elbow problem among golf players. These elbow braces prove to be very effective in recovering the elbow and improving performance.

Fivali is known for providing a wide range of support and protection products for sports players. We aim to provide high-quality and accessible sports braces that make playing sports more fun.

Learn more about Fivali sports products and protection gear.



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