How to Measure for Knee Sleeves

Fivali How to Measure for Knee Sleeves - Guide

How to measure for knee sleeves? There are a lot of people asking because, just like clothes, knee sleeves come in different sizes, and a correct fit is critical for them to offer support, stability, and compression for the knees just how they are needed.

To save you from the hassle of after-purchase negotiations and returns, we are providing all the essential guides and tips as to how to size knee sleeves. Read on to learn more and find the right support in one go.

Fivali knee sleeves - Guide

Understanding the Importance of Accurate Sizing for Knee Sleeves

To answer the question of how to measure knee sleeves, we first need to get a grasp of their importance. Knee sleeves fit snugly around the knee joint and can offer great benefits in injury prevention and performance support. However, should we take the wrong measurements, they might do more harm than good.

For starters, knee sleeves that do not fit properly tend to be uncomfortable, restrictive of the range of motion, and unable to give the desired support. This not only undermines the protection effects but also increases the risk of sports injuries and hinders the process of recovery.

Ill-fitted knee sleeves, as a result of inaccurate sizing, also tend to slip and slide as users move. They will incur distractions and reduce support during exercise. And what’s worse, they might lead to skin chafing.

Therefore, to maximize the benefits, it is crucial to learn in advance how to measure for knee sleeves and what to consider during the selection of the correct size.


How to Measure for Knee Sleeves? Tools You’ll Need

Before you begin measuring for knee sleeves, it is crucial to assemble the required tools for proper measurement. Here are the tools you will need:

Flexible Measuring Tape

A flexible measuring tape is a crtical tool for taking your knee circumference readings. Ensure the tape is long enough to go around your leg loosely.

Notepad and Pen

A notepad and pen will help you to note the measurements and then refer to them when choosing the right size of knee sleeve.

String, Yarn, or Cable (alternatives)

For those who do not have a flexible measuring tape, they can use a string, yarn, or cable as an alternative. Wrap it around your knee and note the point where it overlaps. Next, compare the length of the string, yarn, or cable to any other objects with a known length.

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Fivali compression knee sleeves - Guide


How to Measure for Knee Sleeves in Steps?

If you're unsure about how to measure knee sleeve size, follow these steps:

  • Take the tape and see to it that it is not bent or forced. It has to be even with your body to have accurate measurements.
  • Standing straight or reclining with straight feet. This will enable you to keep a relaxed position and achieve precise measurements.
  • Locate your kneecap (patella) and mark its center with a pen or small sticker.
  • Take the girth of your leg at around inches above the knee.
  • Compare your measurements to the knee sleeve size charts from the manufacturer.

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How to Ensure Accurate Measurement for Knee Sleeves? Extra Techniques

Using the procedure of standard measurements that were provided in the previous section, you will come up with the right starting points, but there are some other methods that you can add to your measuring practice for higher accuracy in your knee sleeve sizing.

Take Multiple Measurements

To reduce the error within the margin, it is advised to take several measurements of the circumference of your knee. Take your knee measurement at least three times and determine the average. This will help to accommodate little errors that could occur due to body placement or measuring process.

Account for Clothing

It is crucial to measure knee circumference without any bulky clothing that may influence the measurement. If you are wearing trousers or leggings, it may be best to roll them up while taking the measurements. But if you are measuring for cold winter uses, you might need to account for the thickness of winter workout layers.  

Consider the Flexion and Extension

Remember that your knee has to undergo flexion and extension when performing physical activities. Therefore, you might need to position your knee in a slightly bent position if you are doing sports regularly to account for flexion. Allow the required range of motion of your specific activity and select a knee sleeve size that does not restrict movement.

Fivali volleyball knee braces - Guide

Other FAQs on Measuring for Knee Sleeves

Should you size up or down if you are between knee sleeve sizes?

If you are between sizes, you should see which way your measurement falls closer to and size up and down accordingly. If you are participating in hypertrophy or CrossFit, where there is significant muscular swelling and dynamic movements, it’s better to grab a slightly larger size for a comfortable fit. Otherwise, please avoid making too much self-adjustment and stick to the nearest size.

Do knee sleeves stretch out, and should that influence sizing decisions?

Mostly, knee sleeves are crafted from stretchy fabrics. With time, during constant use and proper tending, the knee sleeves may slightly stretch. Nevertheless, such stretching is usually negligible and should not substantially impact sleeve fit or performance. In cases when a lot of stretching occurs or when the knee sleeves are getting too small, it could mean that it is time to replace them.


FIVALI's Knee Sleeves - The Perfect Fit for Your Needs

FIVALI is a brand worth considering when it comes to high-quality knee sleeves. Their flexible compression knee sleeves provide good support and comfort. The adjustable design enables a personalized fit; consequently, the appropriate compression and stability of the knee joint are realized.

Fivali Adjustable Compression Knee Sleeves

Fivali Adjustable Compression Knee Sleeves have been carefully made to provide appropriate compression and support. Adjustable straps enable an individual to fit even within a certain size, ensuring compatibility with various leg sizes and proper compression for every person.


  • Speed up Recovery: Helps to heal from knee injuries or strains less quickly.
  • Pressurized and Breathable: Targeted compression with breathability.
  • Optimizing Knee Movement: Support and stabilization of the knee joint for optimal mobility.
  • Professional Nylon Fabric: Material of long service life and high quality.

FIVALI Sport Compression Knee Support

Fivali Sports Compression Knee Support is ideal for any activity, including CrossFit, weightlifting, running, and more. Known for their elastic and ergonomic design, patellar cushion, and long-lasting construction, FIVALI Sport Compression Knee Support sleeves are one of the best choices of its kind.

Fivali compression knee sleeves - Guide


  • T-spring Support Strips: Provides selective assistance of the knee joint.
  • Silicone Upper Mouth and Anti-Slip: Provides a snug fit during activities.
  • Patella Silicone Shock Absorption: Cushion the kneecap against impact and strain.
  • Comfortable and Breathable Fabric: Soft and comfortable material all day.

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How to measure for knee sleeves is a question athletes often ask, and the answer is very nuanced. This article outlines the steps, tools, and additional techniques that you can consider when finding knee sleeves that provide perfect support, compression, and comfort.

Remember to refer to the size charts offered by manufacturers and think about reliable brands such as FIVALI for the best knee sleeves. Measure crucial dimensions, select the proper size, and get the benefits of extra stability and performance improvement knee sleeves can offer!


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